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updated feb4th once again I call out to y to talk about us y ,ana shawsta,ha,ha,so ill give y 2 wks to get a hold of me I know y have to see this,i really don't care who else,boyfriend,husband,whoever,you want to finalize this then get a hold of me.i don't want to show up were y don't want me too.this is rediculuse that y want even settle this up,it takes 2 to make a mistake,ill be 1/2 resposiable,but you have to explain your side, again you were soooo sweet,what happened,thats all I want 30 min of your time alone in public place to discuss that's all,i lyf

why,oh why did I do something wrong bwhats wrong with talking pls iam going crazy ill do anything for y who else can say and do that by the way I made the biggest mistake 30+yrs ago we came so close,it would have been the best marriage,and family on this earth,sorry  john

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looking for these 2 people,very important.if y know let me know at  it will remain private. thank you.

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ok, beyond great picture.are you 30 yrs old still need to talk y know who.
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