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Chris Sundberg

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At least they're expecting us. :-)
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Chris Sundberg

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Wow. I love Which Wich, but the one in Denton won't accept the gift card I got for my birthday. Apparently because it's a franchise they aren't all on the same computer system or something. To make matters worse the cashier guy argued with me about it. Epic customer service fail. 
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Chris Sundberg

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Chris Sundberg

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Sweet. I bet that class was brutal. I regret not taking the derivatives class, but had to take fifteen hours in my major last semester. The BCIS course is so small most classes are offered once a year, one time slot.
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Chris Sundberg

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Chris Sundberg

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Interesting perspective about what Google+ doesn't understand about social..... (HT +Gina Trapani )

Favorite Parts for tl;dr:

"When the friends list functionality was originally developed at Facebook, one of the critical realizations was that regular users simply did not and could not comprehend how the feature worked. Something like 1-5% of users were willing to use this feature even when it was prominently displayed to them in numerous UI formulations"

"The core failure here is that Google does not understand privacy in a social context. Google understands privacy in an information-security way, i.e. privacy means maintaining the security and integrity of confidential data. Google is real good at this; their culture is excellent at keeping secrets."

"These are social concepts that anyone who uses Facebook implicitly understands (even the people who made and/or like Google+). As an example, consider the concept of cliques on Facebook:

Cliques are not a Facebook feature, but an emergent property of interactions on Facebook that have arisen from social norms around discretion. Cliques are semi-overlapping subsets of your Facebook friends who all know each other, like your "close friends" or "college friends" or "work friends" or "family." Often, when you post something relevant to a particular clique, members of that clique will comment on it, and people outside that clique, despite even being friends, will naturally understand that it's not a conversation that they should participate in. Go look at your News Feed right now - you can see it in action. Some of the comment threads will be relevant to you, and others will not - they involve another clique of the friend who posted it that you don't belong to. And you naturally understand that you're not a part of that conversation, while being part of others. So you get involved in some of them, and stay out of others.

If a socially awkward person happens to jump into a comment thread with a clique that he/she is not a part of, they will often not be acknowledged and the other commenters essentially ignore them. "
In July of 2010, I wrote a brief answer stating that then-Googler Paul Adams' internal presentation about social (see:
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Well I'll be.....
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Chris Sundberg

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Frederic Lardinois originally shared:
MySpace integrated Skype 3.5 years ago... (found this on Hacker News)
MySpace will offer members of its popular social network free Internet phone calls with a new feature based on Skype service.
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Chris Sundberg

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In what must be somewhat embarrassing for Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed user on Google+, according to the Google+ Statistics counter. The Facebook CEO h...
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In this world there are people who talk about doing things and people who actually do things. I don't have time for the people that talk. Talk is cheap.
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