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Board Games, Cosplay, role play. If those words gave you the chills, it means that for you the Tig Convention is a must. According to the organizers, the project was started with the purpose of bringing to „the general public and to those interested in games in particular a large-scale meeting between all parties involved in this area of activity”. Besides the fact that you step in a world of games and you meet people with the same passions as you, the convention also combines product presentations, publishers exposures, playing space and a market place for games, both new and used.

What makes it more exciting and fun are the board games contests and tournaments. The difficulty of the games ranges so that both long time board gamers and  beginners could make the most of the experience. Some of the games which were played last year are Carcassonne, Settl. Of Catan, Dominion, Ticket to Ride, YGO, Ubongo, 7 Wonders, Crokinole, A Game of Thrones and many others. The prizes for the competitions were really nice, consisting of board games, card games, prize kits, goodies, accessories, and even money for the MTG Tournament.

So until now , we know that Tig Con offers game board contests, the chance to meet great games designers and try their prototypes and lots of stands with games. What’s more, the organizers put together a competition where you can dress and act as your favorite character- you guessed it , a cos-play competition. So, choose your character, build your costume, go have fun and who knows, maybe you will even be rewarded. Also, those who come dressed up are granted free access to the convention. The convention has an entire section dedicated to Role Playing so if you are into it, you should not miss the opportunity of a great time spent at the gaming table with people who share the same hobby.

All in all, if you want to try out the newest products, enjoy a board game, make new friends, meet game designers and have lots of fun, you should definitely consider going to Transylvania International Game Convention. This year the organizers announced that they will try a new approach so let them surprise us!

Monica Hojda

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Bringing Magic: The Gathering to a whole new virtual experience, Hearthstone, which first conquered the territories of both PC and Mac, and then made its way to the iPad and Android tablets, is now available on all mobile platforms!

With a mind blowing number of downloads, which stands up to 50 million up to this point, this app has become one of the most wanted and hunted ones, when it comes to spending time in a fascinating, clever environment and naturally, fighting against your enemies. The whimsical card game which combines elements from strategy and careful planning makes the user ponder every step of his way to final victory. Ranging from summoning deadly minions to protect your hero, ice spells, frightful monsters and interactive surroundings, this game will make you spend countless hours drawing you in and making it impossible to stop with just one sweet bite.

At first you are presented with an ingenuous introduction, allowing you to accommodate yourself with the methods you can use to create your very own deck and guiding you in times of need. You can play against computer-controlled heroes, all landing from the well-known world of Warcraft, and once you feel that you are prepared, venture into battles against other users, testing your might and enlarging your numerous decks.

One of the strong points of this game is the fact that it does not cost a single penny to install, making it accessible to everyone around the world and thus quickly gaining popularity among avid fans who first started playing on their PC.

Naturally, if you want to have certain decks or special cards to get an advantage against the others and aren’t quite the patient type, you can buy decks or cards from the online shop.

Users have complained about minor glitches or some freezes during the loading period, which tends to ruin the experience and makes it difficult to play. Also, as it requires an internet connection in order to play, users have suggested that an offline mode against computer controlled bots be added, as internet is not always at hand. Despite these critics, the majority of reviews are positive, praising the mechanics and fluidity of the game which swiftly bought it to the top where it still stands proudly.

So if you are sitting idly in the backseat of your car or in your bed, if you want to pass some time and simply enjoy yourself regardless of your location, head quickly to the App Store, Google Play, or even Amazon, and let your new adventure commence!

Anca Lența
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