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Nutrition and weight loss  - 
It can be hard to keep up with the barrage of diet trends and bold claims that promise to help you reach that feel-great weight, and if you’re struggling to drop pounds and improve your race times, it is even more difficult to wade through the tidal waves of advice. What’s more, nutrition guidance for runners often contradicts even the most conventional dieting advice.
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Hello everyone! I have been a member of this group for a few weeks now and just been observing. Love the spirit and support here but realise everyone is running for a mini group? How do I plug into one? Just thinking I'd like to finally join one for accountability. 😊
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Welcome, +Kris Bantugan 😊
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Kris Bantugan

Marathons & Races  - 
Did the first installment of the 2nd race I joined this #birthdaymonth which celebrates the London marathon at the end of April. This race tho requires you to run/walk/crawl a FM distance over the span of this month. I join #virtualraces as a way to keep me accountable to my running goals and to also push my limits. I decided that in order for this race to be a challenge I needed to split 42.2K into 4 consecutive runs. My legs are still sore from last night and I have blisters on my left foot but hope to get the 2nd installment done tomorrow.

Also ran the longest time! (My sore legs sure know it!)

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Nice work!ο»Ώ
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Kris Bantugan

Bragging Rights  - 
Lamest evening run everrrr... I wanted to quit 5 seconds into it but I did not want to give up cause I wanted this birthday month to start right so I kept going... miserably. Ha! It felt good when it was over though plus got the 12 months in a row trophy!!! What a happy surprise! I have been running on and off since 2008 but this is the first time I have done it for 12 straight months. My first 6 months of running was stopped short because the scars in my belly had tightened so much that it became miserable to move even an inch. I needed 3 sessions of 30 mini steroid shots a long the length of my scars to widen and soften the keloidic strips of scars. It took me 3 months to find out how to fix that problem tho so that put me out of commission for a while. It has been on and off since until last year when I decided that I would stay committed to getting fit after my trip in Germany.

I am thankful for the people who have helped me pursue this. 😊

So miserable as it was I'm glad I went out there and hit the asphalt. πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŠπŸ’š

I am thankful that I can go out and run.
I do not take that for granted so I will keep running as long as I can!

Fight for your fitness, friends! You deserve it!!! 😍

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Good work +Kris Bantugan​ β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸƒο»Ώ
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Kris Bantugan

Shared publicly  - 
Happy Easter, runner friends from my good friend Jocy and I! This is us waiting for our Big Breakfast - and pancakes (Oh Calories!!! Ha!) at McDonald's. It was the only place we could go to eat at 6:45am and kill time until it was time to go to work. 😊

So. I could not do my Easter 10K Virtual Race tonight. I was up waaaay too early to make it to the Easter Sunrise service at 5:30am and then off to work until 6pm. I am just too tired. Will definitely do it on Wednesday tho!

Praying this season will "bring healing, restore joy and rekindle faith" to those who believe! Yes and Amen!

He is risen! He has overcome!


Kris Bantugan

Half-marathon training  - 
I'm baaaaack!!! I twisted my right ankle at 6.75K
Crazy nonsense. It was a harmless incident so I kept going. I wanted to hit 7K tonight. My initial goal was to run an easy 3K to ease back into running after a 7 day hiatus. I was not feeling great plus we had a couple of days worth of dusty weather so no running for a week. I felt like a sore loser haha but honestly it was smarter to listen to my body and let it heal and also not dismiss inhaling dust as a poor choice to my road to recovery.
Quite chuffed at my efforts today even with a poorly pace. Yasss! I was also praying in between so the goal of 3K stretched to 5K and then to running 7K. The weather tonight was also lovely. Tomorrow I run another 7K to prepare for the 10K Easter Virtual Race.

And today I checked off one of my March goals which was to out run the distance I ran in Feb. My new goal is to run 80K until the 31st and earn a Nike+ Gold trophy. πŸ™Œ

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+Will C Thank you. Thank you kind sir! Hope you and the Missus are doing well.

And ya... that is such a good #notetoself quote. Hehe. πŸ‘Šο»Ώ
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Kris Bantugan

Milestones  - 
Can't quite figure out where to posts "Achievements/Trophies" so posting it under Milestones. Did this #virtualrace on my birthday and got me my first Bday Trophy! Yassss! Stoked that it is a pink trophy! 😊😊😊
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Kris Bantugan

Race reports  - 
Starting this birthday month right by earning this medal! Gotta get ready for all the birthday cakes I'm going to enjoy devouring next week. Yasssss!!! Haha. πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‰πŸŽ‰ο»Ώ
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Menny more hoppy b dayο»Ώ
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Kris Bantugan

Race reports  - 
Perfect post for today is this goodie that I got in the mail yesterday! Ran this #virtualrace on Leap day in support of a charity!

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+Andrej R Yeah. They apologised for the delay in getting the medals shipped out. There was a huge delay with the manufacturing cause of the Chinese New Year etc... Moonjoggers gave a discount for two races tho to make up for it.ο»Ώ
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Kris Bantugan

Shared publicly  - 
Finally got around to doing a run and pumping weights on the same day. Did not run much cause I was still a bit sore from yesterday's overzealous run and tomorrow I have a 10K Easter Virtual race to run. I didn't want to tire myself out before a "long" run so today's run had to be short and sweet.
Love this quote and today is the perfect day to remind myself that I can be my own hero! I am so thankful for the gift of running that has helped me deal with some crazy things the last 6 months!
Thankful that I also got to spend time with family today. 😊


Kris Bantugan

Shared publicly  - 
5th day since my last run... I hate being sick. GAHHH!!! 😭😭😭
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+Will C It bloody hell sucks. But yeah. Good point. Think positive. Hehe. πŸ‘Šο»Ώ

Kris Bantugan

Cross Training  - 
Save for a sore wrist, I had a great time checking out Susan's Muay Thai class today. I have always loved Combat Aerobic workouts but have always done it alone in the privacy of my own room and never really punched or kicked anything except for air. Hehe. So today was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I also need to do other forms of workouts that will improve my stamina and make me a stronger runner. I have read several half marathon programs where one is required to "cross train" atleast once a week so I am looking into doing Body Combat again. The idea is to run 3-4 times a week, Cross train once a week and a day to pump weights as well.

Oh and yes, I already feel sore!

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+Kris BantuganΒ haha, we always know what we SHOULD do but usually just end up running anyway. ;)ο»Ώ
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