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Ganesh Kulkarni
Keep your coins...I want change
Keep your coins...I want change

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What's the meaning of Kaizala?

How to switch user account to Guest mode from lock screen on OnePlus One?

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State of the OnePlus invites:

In my opinion, OnePlus 2 and X invites have lost relevance. Too many in circulation.

Which is your favorite paid CM12 theme?

Coalfield: Where can I find the wallpapers shown in Play Store app screenshots?

Is it possible to get the blurred effect of iOS on CM?

Is there a way to change the behavior of the off-screen buttons?
I want them to work like the on-screen buttons where a single touch to menu button opens up recent apps.

I am loving the new CM update...the Live Display works great, battery life improved, Truecaller Integration with dialler works great. Even the new browser looks promising. 
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