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Sanity is overrated
Sanity is overrated

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My son and I, eating fish and chips at the Imperial War Museum.
Does it get any more British.

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Had dinner last night at New Cross house pub.

I recommend the ribs.

The kids aren't doing their chores, and I want to get back at them by limiting their internet access. I'm thinking two separate SSIDs. One with very limited throughput, but enough for homework, and one with full bandwidth, available by entering today's access code.


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This song still makes me cry. 

Dear +You Tube,
You are driving me insane.
Well, a tad more insane than usual, anyway.

The thing is, that I appreciate the free music you provide, and for that I feel obligated to endure your ads. Quid pro quo.

The audio level on the music is reasonably consistent, so I can set a volume level, and not have to fiddle with it with every new song. Most of the ads have a reasonable recording level as well, but every odd ad USES SO MUCH G-D'ED COMPRESSOR THAT MY EARDRUMS FEELS LIKE THEY ARE BREAKING!

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#BringingBackMemories  A team of smugglers, disguised as a troupe of performance artists, aptly named "Contraband"

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I got April's Fooled.

This morning when I got to work, a measuring device of some sort (a dentometer was sitting on my desk, along with the usual work order slip marked "URGENT RUSH JOB", and the not-so-usual enclosed letter saying somthing like... Hello $previous employee. Please calibrate this dentometer, and calculate dielectricity constant...
$ome Name
Local Air Force Base.

And I fell for it.

I checked the DB for instruments like "dentometer". No match.
I checked the DB for instruments owned by $local AFB . No match.
I checked the DB for the work order number. Didn't exist.
I tried to track the order by linked certificate number. Linked to a different instrument of a different company.

I grumble.

Exactly how many goof-ups can shove into one work order? (Usually the young lady who does work orders never makes mistakes, and asks when in doubt).
Fishy, but I'm still not suspicious.
I'm more riled up by the fact that somebody promised I'd do a rush job without checking work capacity.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Tommy, a co-worker.
I start to rant: Blah, blah, blah, work order, blah, blah, $ different customer, blah, blah, M-F-ing RUSH JOB!!, ...
Tommy interrupts me.
Did you check the date?


Tommy's meticulous planning payed out.

Well done, Tommy. I apperciate it.

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Surprisingly fun.

I googled for "runes" as in the norse letters. Found this
neat little thing that lets you write your name in runes, and at the same time explains the meaning of each rune.

Every name is a story of a life.

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