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How do the leaders of the Muslim world sleep? This is not a question to ask enraged, I simply marvel at their audacity to be silent. These children who will not move again in this life, is it not worth it to defend their honor?

إنا كنا أذل قوم فأعزنا الله بالإسلام فمهما نطلب العزة بغير ما أعزنا الله به أذلنا الله
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“I’m just not a math person.” We hear it all the time. And we've had enough. Because we believe that the idea of “math people” is the most self-destructive idea in America today. The truth is, you probably are a math person, and by thinking otherwise, you are possibly hamstringing your own career. Worse, you...
Almost everyone struggles with running after money too hard. Here is a reminder that money is not happiness.
A brief article, but written by a highly respected author in an influential business magazine. I intend to build a presentation out of the ideas in the article. The article should be required reading for almost all consultants.
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;-) It's not my work of course. I am really impressed with the quality of some of the articles at HBR. They have some very experienced writers, maa shaa Allaah.

And inshaa-Allaah let's try to meet this weekend, you, I, and Basem!
While it is true that other phone manufacturers are probably just as guilty of having dubious working conditions, Apple needs to feel the heat as the leader. 

This Ramadan I was blessed with my seventh child, a beautiful girl Ruqayyah. She lives, but my Muslim brother's children are dead. My children are not special, every child's life is glorious.

May Allaah guide us to His path, forgive us, and protect the children. May Allaah guide the Muslims to strength, wisdom, and justice. And finally may Allaah bring down His justice on those enemies of ours whom we are struggling against.
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..and congratulations, may Allah bless Ruqayyah.
Ramadan is a month where many Muslims renew their relationship with Allaah by returning to reading the Qur'aan with some regularity. For me, I admit to being too preoccupied with the world for some time.

Now, today, on this first day of Ramadan, sitting and reading the Qur'aan, I am struck so very sharply by the immense force of the words, the rolling sea of instruction and guidance. This book is the speech of the only One who can keep a sustained pace of simultaneous grandeur, grace, aloofness, and nearness. No universe of men and the rest of creation diminishes Him with disobedience or rejection; He is One without any constraint or peer. 

To Muslims all around the world, glad tidings to you, may Allaah accept our fasting and good deeds, and forgive us for all our shortcomings.
In the last three years, I've gradually become more convinced that password-based security is unreliable. This article seals it for me, very well written - and painful to read.

I will look for 2-step authentication mechanisms as much as possible... And reset all my passwords. And more.
"Whoever has the data is king." - Dr. Ellis Horowitz, Professor of Computer Science at USC.

Now here is a simple graphic from Google built upon reams of data taken from their own employees and managers, where the purpose was to determine what makes a good manager?

To my great surprise, what I would have thought is very important within a technical company like Google turned out to be number eight - last! On the other hand, number one is something I like to heavily encourage my clients to foster within their organizations.

And the accompanying article:
Processed foods are now known to be strong factors in the development of diabetes. Saudi Arabia has the second highest rate of diabetes in the world. (our neighbor, the UAE, is number 1).
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Very likely. I don't know what diets in Saudi Arabia and UAE are like, but I think evidence on relationships between poor blood sugar control (as in type II diabetes) and cognitive decline in old age, including Alzheimer's, has been piling up.  I seem to remember seeing a study that suggests that even poor blood sugar control in late middle age that doesn't constitute type II diabetes is predictive of cognitive decline and dementia in old age.  
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