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Dianna Ortiz's profile photo
Dianna Ortiz
reviewed 4 months ago
We haven't quite lived here a year yet. Sure, there ARE some imperfections, but well..hello, this is EARTH, NOTHING is perfect! The staff are amazingly sweet, quick to respond to any and all maintanence requests. My apartment faces the courtyard and it is kept up very well! At most you see a kid now and then leave a scooter outside, or not take their cracker wrapper inside to the trash can and it's laying on the ground. You see worse on school grounds! lol The three bedroom is the size of a ranch house, minus the space of a garage. It's very, very spacious. The community aspect is also nice. The neighbors get along, there aren't police swarming the parking lots all the time, you don't hear yelling neighbors, you're not fearing for your life when you lock your door at night. It's very safe here. I have three children and while I supervise them anyway, I feel very good about letting them play outside in the courtyard outside my apartment. Yes, there are ants. I can't say much about this because we moved here from out of state. I don't know how common ant problems are throughout Southern California. Pest control IS free and we have them come spray as often as we feel necessary. You don't see ants often once your apartment is sprayed. Once in a blue moon! The only thing that bugs me a little is the "cosmetics law" as I'll call it. Cabinets in some of the apartments look worn ONLY on the edges! As mine are. This seems to be common in the 3 bedroom apartments, I've been told. They will NOT replace them unless they're broken. Now, to me, this is unfair. The VERY FIRST person who rented this apartment I live in paid MUCH less than we are now. And everything was brand spanking NEW! I look now and then and see who much rent has risen just since I've moved in. So rent is going up and up, but the looks, therefore the QUALITY, of things in the apartment are going down! So considering the quality of the cabinets, I think rent should be $200 less than what it is. Estimating that's the cost of replacing worn cabinets doors, of course. The cabinets work fine, they don't look horrible. You really don't even notice unless you're looking for something to complain about. So I don't throw a fit about it. I just like to point that little fact out about price of rent vs quality. This is a great place to live. We hope to have a house one day. But I'm perfectly happy living here in the meantime! My sons learned how to swim in the heated pool here! My husband enjoys lounging in the hot tub right next to it! My daughter loves snatching a cookie every time we walk into the office to pay rent. We enjoy going as a family to the tennis courts; and enjoy walks in town since everything is so conveniently close! I love it here!!!
• • •
Linsey Bidwell
reviewed 10 months ago
Seriously ridiculous. It does look decent for the price (I'm from orange county and I'm sure the same place would have cost me $400+ more) definitely not luxury at all though. Quite a few problems with the appliances. The apartment complex next to us is extremely low rent (aka low class/ghetto) and therefore you have those types lurking around all the time. We walked up to someone breaking into my husbands car in broad daylight, my husband made him give everything back and the guy said he had a warrant and ran off. Classy. Talked to some of our neighbors and 5 in just our little court had their cars broken into as well in the past couple months. Definitely not as safe as you might think. Can't wait to get out of here. One more month until the lease is up!!
• • •
A Google User
reviewed 2 years ago
TERRIBLE!! The sprinklers constantly flood the walkways and make the grass all muddy, smelly waterway goes through the middle of the complex. Apartments are poorly painted (paint drops everywhere!) If you move stuff around you will find nasty dirt clobs all over! There is an awful ant problem also.. They will spray for them, but won't give you any traps or anything. They come right back.. The lighting is terrible in the apartment . In the living room their is no light. Just reminds you of the bummy apartment complex that you are in.. Poorly managed, the manager is rude, and she is only worried about showcasing her new white mustang outside. She takes a parking spot right in the front every day! YOU LIVE THEIR, PARK IN YOUR OWN SPOT.. Her apartment is less than a one block walk to the front.. But she still likes to park her mustang right up front. The Tennis courts are in bad shape, not all of the lights work on it either. The hot tub is constantly broken.. Never gets fixed properly! To top it all off.. WHEN YOU MOVE OUT THEY WILL CHARGE YOU TONS OF FEE'S (carpet cleaning, walls repainting, steam cleaning.. etc) I had over 400 dollars in fee's when i moved out in December because they said they had to repaint the walls.. I ONLY LIVED THEIR FOR 2 MONTHS.. I was never home but somehow they needed to repaint the entire apartment for "SCUFFS".. TAKE A DAMN RAG TO IT. or just tell me and i will get them out. Don't charge me $170 to repaint an apartment that was in AWFUL condition when i moved in.. I LEFT IT HOW I FOUND IT! TERRIBLE!!! TERRIBLE!! TERRIBLE!! don't move in here.. way better places within 1 mile.. PLUS SAVE YOUR KIDS FROM SEEING DRUNK PEOPLE WALKING AROUND LATE AT NIGHT. NOT TO FORGET THE CONSTANT SHADY (DRUG DEAL) LOOKING ACTIVITY..
• • •
Alaura Fonseca
reviewed 4 months ago
I have lived at Portofino for the last 7 years. In that time they have had the same manager and the same maintenance man. Yes I too have had ants as did my house before I moved here, only difference is I had to pay a monthly pest control $75 a month to treat my house and yard. Portofino offers free weekly pest control as well as having a bee hive removed by my bedroom window. Portofino is over 13 yrs old, yes the appliances do break down but they are fixed. In fact every time I call to let them know my disposal is clogged, my smoke detector is beeping, toilet clogged or not flushing the repairs are made within a day for no charge unlike owning a home where you have to pay a plumber, electrician or a a/c man! I too have noticed the manager does drive her car to work every day... I can only assume because she dresses in a professional manner and wears heels every day...That driving to work saves her feet...or she has to pick up her children.. But is that anyone's business? So that leads me to wonder if the previous petty comments regarding the management driving a new car to work have anything to do with the management of our home or does come from a place of insecurity because you don't have a new car and can't wear heels? I'm only posting all this because I have referred friends to Portofino and they have come across a few negative reviews. As a supervisor in the retail management field, I remind them of that saying "the unhappy customer shouts it to the world but the majority of the happy/satisfied customers generally keep it to themselves"
• • •
Cass J
reviewed a year ago
I have been a resident for close to a year and I honestly have to say that this was the worst experience to date. There is absolutely nothing luxurious about these apartments. They keep the units closest to the rental office nice to attract prospective tenants but after that, it's terrible. I have never seen appliances this old in my life. If something breaks down, they replace it with another ancient appliance. It's embarassing for me to have friends or family visit me. The kitchen cabinets are old and chipped and they just keep putting putty on them so they look weird and spotted and it always smells moldy. Moving as soon as my lease is up. You can complain until you are blue in the face - they don't care. Don't come here!
• • •
A Google User
reviewed 3 years ago
Filthy at move in!! Everything is outdated and run down. Seriously poor management!! Grassy areas always wet and muddy. Maintenance guys are quick and nice though. Definitely nothing luxury about this place though