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Oliver Leitner
living in a box=)
living in a box=)

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had a look at a web browser that finally integrates very well with my tmux vim i3wm setup, its called uzbl, and if you are used to vim, youre gonna love it, i wouldnt call it production environment ready yet, but its a very nice, lean, easy to configure and fast web browser.

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i have just released a brand new version of my webstreamer (watch your video collection via web) project.

you can find the new version right here:

updated features:

New versions of flowplayer and projekktor.
Needed to remove jwplayer due to licensing issues (manual instructions in the readme.txt under scripts/jwplayer/).
New version of jquery library.
General source cleanup.


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ive heard alot of weird youtube stuff over the past few hours about using vi/vim, luckily some peoples actually get howto really get me into a text editor, this one is the best vi/vim youtube-thing ive seen so far.

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debian chroot and kvm on steroids:

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running wildfox, compile was as smooth as i havent had it in a while, thing looks really neat and its fast, only prob i came across is, that i cannot copy & paste data.

anyone else here running WildFox? ( would love to know if im the only one having the problem.

ps: some data -> base OS xubuntu latest, base QT 5.1.0 betasomething (downloaded today...)

Havin' a great late night, after upgrading my mainboxes to debian latest stable, now revisiting some 6 years old code (by choice):

Things that changed inbetween: i do way more error handling nowadays than i did back then.

is there an easy way to have the messages im replying to stay on top of the other messages im not replying to?

i dun wanna scroll down all the time.

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is the html5 video tag dead?

after loosing mp4 support, and ogv being removed by some too, while others dont even have implemented it yet, and theres no actual way to have a low quality stream going directly to it without 3rd party software, is the web standard tag dead before it even came up?

ive been playing the past few weeks with the video tag, and even with drop in flash solutions, multimedia content on the web is still a "include as many things as you can and maybe itll work for 80% of the audience" thing.

just have a short look on the current support table:
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