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Publisher of award-winning card games, board games, and roleplaying games.
Publisher of award-winning card games, board games, and roleplaying games.

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If you love making games as much as we do, we've got something for you!

We're working with Gameplaywright and Jeremy Holcomb to Kickstart The White Box, a game design workshop-in-a-box. It's a book of 18 essays on game design and production as well as a whole bunch of generic components — cubes, meeples, dice, discs, and tokens — to help you get your game idea out of your head and onto the table. If you believe creating games is awesome, The White Box is for you.

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In August of 2016 we launched the first ever Letter Head Design Challenge. The call went out to fans and designers everywhere to submit their own game designs utilizing the innovative Letter Head deck. Now those games have been released into the wild, free for everyone to enjoy!

And if Letter Head is off your radar, learn all about its unique approach to word games at our website, or pick up a copy at Drivethrucards!

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Witches of the Revolution is a cooperative deck-builder by Craig Stockwell, coming this summer from Atlas Games. You're witch covens who must work together to make sure the American Revolution succeeds. Check out this BoardGameGeekTV segment where +Jeff Tidball tells you all about it!

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Digital Slipcase!

Although the digital editions of the three core Unknown Armies 3 books are now available (from Warehouse 23, Paizo, and DriveThruRPG), we were not able to give you a digital slipcase. UNTIL NOW.

We've uploaded the three-panel screen interior of the slipcase plus the super awesome exterior art to our website. You can grab it here for free. Print, crop, or mangle to suit your needs.

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It's Time to Play.

Unknown Armies is an occult game about broken people conspiring to fix the world. Created by +Greg Stolze and +John Scott Tynes, this game was a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016 and is now available in its digital edition at our online vendors.

The digital edition of the game includes PDF, ePub, and MOBI versions. Each book in the three-volume set is sold separately. Players only need Book One: Play (linked below, also available at Warehouse 23 and Paizo). Gamemasters should pick up Book Two: Run and, more than likely, Book Three: Reveal.

We can promise you a new edition that is full color, fully loaded, and frankly designed. We can not promise you that you will think the same way about your friends, family, or fundamentals again.

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On Creating the Musick for Unknown Armies

If you're interested in composing music, commissioning it, using it for RPGs, or Unknown Armies in general, check out James Semple's posts on the Atlas blog about his experience and process in composing and producing Musick for Unknown Armies.

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Getting Back to Basics with Ars Magica 2nd Edition

Want to see how it all started?

Ars Magica 2nd Edition is what you want. With its innovative magic system and broadly flexible rules base, Ars Magica 2nd Edition offers an old school reflection on the world's most popular game about medieval wizards that went on to inspire many other games. Up until now, we haven't had the ability to sell this game in digital format, but thanks to the brave sacrifice of Atlas president John Nephew, that dry spell has ended.

Come see what others have always known about. Come see the dawning of an era of greatness.

Ars Magica 2nd Edition - Now available in PDF.

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If you’re like me, you probably have a hard time watching the Discovery Channel. I always want the seal to escape the shark. I forever hope the wolf pack will give up trying to separate the baby musk ox from its mom. What can I say, I’m a softy when it comes to animals.

Still, I love Hounded! What can I say, the thrill of the hunt makes for a great game, with all the breathless tension you’d expect from the real thing (or a good nature documentary). It’s a cat-and-mouse (fox-and-hounds?) scenario where every turn is crucial and every move could be your last.

You’ll forgive me, though, if I pretend that the whole point of the game is to save the fox from some impending doom and re-home hhi in a nice new forest where he’ll live happily ever after. Meanwhile, you can read all about designer Clint Bohaty’s inspiration over at the Atlas blog right now!

- R

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Craving a challenge?

Deceptively simple and exceptionally deep, Hounded is a game of bluffing, trickery, escape, and entrapment for two players. Game play is asymmetrical. One player is the Fox – clever, quick, and at home in the woods. The other is the Master of Hounds – an experienced hunter commanding a pack of dogs with varied talents of their own. Your field of play is an unexplored stretch of woods made up of 49 tiles; as you make your way through it, the terrain will help and hinder you. Its small social footprint makes it an amazing grab-n-go game too – great for restaurants, airports, hotel rooms, or the coffee table in your living room.

Check out Hounded today, now available at better game stores everywhere!

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Fairies tend to make a mess of things. Whether it’s mere mischief or sheer malice, these inscrutable, untamed beings are always causing trouble for themselves, and for us mortals who stumble across them. Sometimes they mean us harm, sometimes they lead us astray, and sometimes they nudge us away from our safe, humdrum lives and towards our most hidden desires. Theirs may be cautionary tales warning you from straying too far into the woods, morality plays about the dangers of excess, or fantasies urging you to follow your dreams. Everyone needs a fairy godmother, after all.

Fairy Tales, the newest expansion for Once Upon a Time, unleashes these creatures and their domains upon your games. What are your fairy tales going to be?
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