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Teresa Marie
Chicago Master Gardener, Antique Collector, Crafter, Mom, Living Life!
Chicago Master Gardener, Antique Collector, Crafter, Mom, Living Life!

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Best Healthy Recipes Today
I recently created a few dishes that everyone was asking for recipes - so thought I would share on here. The first recipe was from leftover sushi wasabi and pickled ginger - just what do you do with that stuff? Here is an option. SUSHI TURKEY MEATBALLS Ingr...

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Review Glessner House - Chicago Historic Site
A tour of Glessner House , in Chicago's Praire District had been on my bucket list for a few years. Glad to have completed the tour and experience early in 2017.   Prairie Avenue, once known as “millionaires’ row”  began subdivision in the 1850s.  Chicago i...

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Getting out - Keep Moving
Hey there - Happy Friday! Today is good - I am wearing jeans that I'd recently put in the "too-small" pile which demonstrates to me (once again) that healthy eating and exercise get results! My simple formula for success.  Teresa Marie - Circa 1975 I have b...

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German Christmas Markets - Review
Rothenburg, Germany I had the opportunity to be in Germany on a business trip at the start of the Christmas season. Luckily few colleagues took me to Christmas markets in four different towns! These Christkindlmarkt, are street markets  during the four week...

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Dublin Castle & Garden - Review
Why am I posting so many things about Ireland? Maybe it's because I'm working for a Dublin based company and traveling there perhaps a tad too much... A colleague asked it I wanted to visit the Dublin Castle and Garden. She had me at "garden."  That said, w...

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Giving It All Away
Anyone out there a Gilmore Girls Fan? Did you see the latest updates on Netflix? Emily Gilmore decides that none of her old things "give her joy" anymore and makes a massive purge of her wardrobe, house, and life. In a similar light - the past few weeks I h...

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New Year - New Life
The sun is slowly rising over the parking lot and I'm taking a tad of a break in my morning to dash out this blog update. It's a great view to reflect on the massive changes that have happened over the past two years. Like the sun coming up on a new day - I...

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Stress... Am I still Standing?
I like to think that I can handle a great deal of stress. Often people that work with me or close friends have said something to that effect. Here lately - my stress is at an all time, lifetime, high. The fact that I haven't gained another 40 pounds is amaz...

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California Hiking and Meetings..
 Oat Hill Mine Trail - Calistoga, CA (Oct '16)  A Sunday in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hiked in Napa Valley, had a massage and Mud Bath, visited a few wineries, hiked in the Muir Woods Redwoods, and finished the day at the beach. 22K steps. Felt really g...

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Day at the Beach
Happy to have a few days in California to relax and explore....happy to have hiked a few miles along the coast! Mori Point, Palisades, CA Sunset, Mori Point, California Where am I going? The Future is Bright! Day 34  - Thursday  Net Calories  783; steps 7,6...
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