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Innovative Handcrafted Jewelry
Jewelry for Royalty, Rock Stars, and " Everyday Folk"
Jewelry for Royalty, Rock Stars, and " Everyday Folk"

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Check out the Jewelry school / workshop
I am always learning new techniques and meeting other Jewelry Artists.

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The Most Inspiring Documentaries for Artists, Designers & Creative Professionals

Below is the list of movies (documentaries) that I've found very inspiring for designers, artists, people in creative professionals or whoever appreciates art and creativity.
Do you know any other interesting documentaries about art, design & creativity? Please let me (+Alireza Yavari ) know by leaving a comment on this post. I will update the list on .

Art & Copy

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann



Beautiful Losers

Exit Through the Gift Shop

War Photographer

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

National Geographic: The Photographers

Waste Land

Between the Folds

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Good Tips !
Tips for Artists first joining Google+

Now that it's public i'd like to share some tips that i think enrich your experience here and help your art be heard and seen and some new ways of profiting from it.

1. Re think your marketing strategy
I see a lot of artists still using the site like twitter or facebook and just posting songs and not giving any inside story about how it came to be or what influenced it. Give people a reason to comment on your posts and continue that discussion.

2. Collaborate with artists outside your medium
One of the most rewarding things about this site is the quality of the community here. As a musician, think of ways you can collaborate with photographers, graphic artists, software engineers etc.. This idea i think is the future of how artists of all mediums can be profitable and retain their artistic integrity ( i have a collaboration with +Colby Brown and +byron rempel that i'm working on right now that will showcase this)

3. Be Humble or at least be real
The major change for artists that i feel is coming is how this amount of engagement and deeper connectivity will promote certain types of artists. Don't think that no matter how talented you are you can get away with thinking your art is enough to stand on it's own. Also, promote who you are and get people invested in who you are as a person and let them find out about your art if they want to know more about you, but don't push it on to people.

CC: +Natalie Villalobos, +Ryan Crowe, +Robert Scoble

Hi Google + Community I will be Posting Pics and linking up to etsy in the next few weeks. Any Jewelry Arts groups out there ? Looking to connect with Handcrafted Jewelry Artisans.
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