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"No slight nor unfairness passes 'neath my gaze unmet."
"No slight nor unfairness passes 'neath my gaze unmet."

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LOL, Alex, it's 4 operas that are about 4 hours each. When the "Ring Cycle" is played, it is generally played over 4 consecutive nights at a place like Bayreuth or the New York Met. It's a huge thing to put on, and requires dragons, trolls, dwarves, gods, Valhalla and lots of burning things.

Back in the 90s, PBS actually ran the entire Cycle over 4 nights and I was lucky to tape them all on my VCR, which I then promptly wore out, watching over and over again. I've played many of the orchestral selections and the Suites that Wagner himself put together, and Wagner is no harder, nor easier than Puccini or Verdi. It's ALL hard, but so worth it to play. When I was in university, I swore to myself that I would never play in an opera company, but when I was hired, I went along with it and fell in love.

Richard Strauss' operas tend to be much shorter, between one and two hours and they are also exceedingly difficult to play. "Salome" is just one of his many operas and he is also noted for his tone poems. He's considered a neo-romanticist and wrote during the time of Mahler, who was actually the founder of the 2nd Viennese School of Composition, which gave rise to atonality, 12-tone and serial music, all of which I love. The divergence of the two schools is even more interesting, because as Strauss aged, (he died in 1949) he had completely returned to writing in an almost Classical style; very spare and less-heavily orchestrated. Mahler died early, at age 51, in 1911 and left behind an unfinished symphony, which a few of his students extrapolated and had published posthumously. All fascinating stuff! I had fun writing this and I'm so glad you visited; I cannot WAIT for A-to-Z! Thanks, again, Alex! <3

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Wow; can't wait to see this!

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Check out Vidiotsonline. The most fun anyone can have with a PS4 and oh, yeah, James Marsters, or as we know him, Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

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This article is trying to "normalize" Donald Trump, and I am not one of the people who is buying into the "normalization" process. I see a nascent autocrat in the making and his statements are still alarming to me. How is it that he can ask, even rhetorically, that a person should be locked up for burning the American Flag, although that has been tested by the Supreme Court and found to be protected under the 1st Amendment, yet it's okay to run around in a white sheet and be a member of the KKK? Oh! Excuse me; the "alt-Right" movement, give a Nazi salute, wear a suit and push the same old bigotry and prejudice forward into the mainstream? Is anyone aware that "hate crimes" have sky-rocketed since Trump's election? That it's now okay to bully, threaten, and harass Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans and women? What Trump has done is give the country the O.K. to bring all the racial and gender hatred out into the open and I guess that's fine, because the Politically Correct thing did nothing except hide the ugly truth, which I wrote about several years ago. You cannot legislate bigotry out, or reason into a person by teaching them to use "nicer" terms. This just proves that certain segments of our society were NEVER seen as totally equal and now, we ALL understand that!

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Check out my friend as he streams live!

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Beautiful poster of Dru & Spike! Only 4 left! <3

#Spuffyverse   #Buffy  

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New website, launching soon!

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This has been coming for a long time. I've been involved in system and have been pro-actively hunting down and at least tracing back to individuals who insert malware into the mainstream for years, when the FBI wouldn't or couldn't do it. It really is not that difficult. I've kept abreast of the techniques used and the tools up to date on my systems at home, as I once worked for companies that tracked down rogue servers and put them out of business.

The complete and utter lack of awareness of this threat is appalling and we really have done nothing to establish a protocol to address this growing threat from outside of our own borders. Kasparov is right in taking Clinton's and our national modern security systems to task. This also includes the FBI, who created a manual of definitions of "Internet-speak" with words like "LOL", "ROFL", "BRB" and so on, then classified it. Some enterprising soul then spent two years under the FOIA laws suing the FBI to render the manual "unclassified". This, when the entire world already knew what the definitions meant.

That article can be found here: and to say the FBI is frighteningly out of touch is a vast understatement. I can attest to the fact that they have not clue one to even trying to track down a cyber-criminal who operates out of eastern Europe in a shady area known as the deep web. There was a move afoot at one time to try and hire all these super-hackers to work for the Government to beef up the security so that our systems would be impermeable. Whatever happened to that?

I occasionally get some really wicked spam from these numbskulls and for a while I dutifully filled out the little cybercrime form on the FBI's main website, where it would promptly disappear into oblivion. After a few episodes of this, I just DIY'ed it, tracked these idiots down and sent the results to the Tampa office. One night, as I was sitting my "man (or woman) cave", surrounded by my computers, I could tell someone was pen-testing my systems. They couldn't get in, and several moments later, this was followed up by a letter from the Tampa Office with a link to another FBI site, with further access to some files that really didn't require any security clearance.

Whenever I get a really nasty spam email, or if I'm fixing a neighbor's computer who has a horrible virus with cooties, I isolate the malware and hunt it down. I always send the results to the Tampa office, (because that's my nearest local office) with an email, "Hi, it's me again..." and the results. I never hear back, but whatever is happening, the spam or whatever scam it is goes away. This is one HELL of a way to do business and it's not even CLOSE to keeping the country secure.

So, do we care enough about our entire intel and commerce infrastructure to develop a serious cyber-security protocol and try to become pro-active, or do we just rely on people like me, who just enjoy the challenge? I'm not even being paid for this! It really isn't THAT difficult, but as our technology has outpaced our apparent ability to keep everything - our Internet Things; webcams, printers, etc, safe, or we just don't care, we must be prepared to deal with the fallout and that means putting into play some serious back-up protocols, which as was demonstrated by DYN, isn't happening either. This whole jerry-built mess is just a disaster waiting to bring our country to a standstill. Think about it.

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