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Harsha Ramesh
My friends call me Rogue
My friends call me Rogue

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A really nice read about on the usage of HTTP status codes. Don't forget to check the comments section :)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm getting my apartment work done,
With not much of a clue! :-D

YouTube, Chromecast and a big ass TV ... The must have combination for folks like me working from home!

Loving the new features of Android L!!

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Finally an initiative that is likely to work!!

Ever have those clairvoyant moments when you know your day is going to be shitty and you decide to sleep an extra hour ... I'm glad I listened!

Really like the new voice recognition module on nexus. Launch "OK Google" from anywhere!!!

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I haz lost glasses!! Don't know where to look!!

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Say hello to Doodles!
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Laptop Servicing .. the only time when you spring clean it because you don't have enough space to backup all the junk that you accumulated! =D
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