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Greg Steres
I'm the Greg Steres who.... well, I'm the only Greg Steres.
I'm the Greg Steres who.... well, I'm the only Greg Steres.

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I beat that piñata like a stepchild.... piñata... on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 110

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I know I don't need to tell you, if you're on G+, about Glass. But. 
Welcome to the next generation of must-have mobile devices.

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What the blizzard did.

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Keep track of your stuff. I use it for ebay items, shoes from Zappos, and clothes from Lands End.

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Luckily it didn't hurt much. But it bled like a bitch.

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Looks like another brilliant business model is a dead end. Get your deals now. All those group coupon services aren't doing so well after all. LivingSocial will likely cancel it's planned IPO as well.

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Now here's a Booberday picture I am happy to share.
What Photos We Should Share to Support Breast Cancer Research and Why My Photos Are Not an Invitation for Harassment: My Final Thoughts On This Issue:

How to Support Breast Cancer Research, Survivors, and Victims
Thank you for the incredible response to my previous post. I received a number of messages from distressed breast cancer survivors and families who are appalled by the exploitation of breast cancer as an excuse to share sexual photographs. I share this photograph as a substitute; I support women as individuals, with or without breasts (although I support the right to reconstructive surgery after mastectomies for those who choose it):
If you would like show your support for those who are suffering:
Donate or advocate:
And to support other forms of cancer research, consider donating to a cancer charity where the most money goes directly to research:

Is It Hypocracy?
The harassment I received over my modeling photographs for speaking out against sexism was an interesting case study. I warned that a community that shares and connects around the sexualization of women will induce harassment against women. Even dogs can stay when a treat is held in front of them; we can expect as much of human beings-- that they can restrain sexual urges until they have consent. Each person should decide for herself what consent she gives to others. Myself, I consent to being viewed as a whole person, a mind attached to a body I happen to like, and I consent to polite and moderate statements that recognize my personhood, understanding that sticking within the bounds of my consent requires restraint. Disembodied sexual comments are harassment-- they exceed the bounds of my consent.
Others have tighter and looser bounds of consent: my more religious friends consent only to being praised for their mind, whereas my more liberal friends consent to disembodied sexual comments. You cannot assume consent from appearance; you need to ask or, if you do not want to ask, practice restraint towards everyone out of respect for those who do not consent (as is the policy under the Google Plus Terms of Use).

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The next time you find yourself going on a rant about "kids today" screwing up the world, think of Aiden Dwyer.

Has anyone else noticed that the title, "Online Community Manager" is synonymous with "Online Booth-Babe"?
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