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Jim Feeney
Enjoy sermons and bible studies from Pastor Jim Feeney's 40-plus years of Pentecostal-charismatic preaching and bible teaching experience.
Enjoy sermons and bible studies from Pastor Jim Feeney's 40-plus years of Pentecostal-charismatic preaching and bible teaching experience.


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God Is Able Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Probably most of us have prayed and asked God for specific needs. But often we hesitate to ask in prayer, or we expect too little of God. The Bible tells us that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine. Kick your faith up a notch!

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Time Critical! The Midterm Elections | God's Stand on 3 Major Issues

On November 6 USA voters will go to the polls to weigh in on national, state, and local elections. Setting aside party loyalty and the nonstop political rhetoric, please join me (a registered nonaffiliated voter) in looking at God's declared standpoint on 3 major issues of great importance in the election just ahead.

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Jesus Saves Us FROM Our Sins. What Does That Mean?

Too many church pulpits are occupied by preachers who avoid certain topics because they fear negative responses from the congregation. That's why millions of Christians are biblically ignorant of precisely what Jesus came to save us from! Hint: It's more than saving us from the guilt of our sins.

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Broken Relationships Healed - This Works!

Broken relationships can be heartbreaking, even disabling. There's a short verse of Scripture containing a powerful key to healing failed relationships and preventing future breakdowns.

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Pedal to the Metal Christianity | "Make Every Effort," Jesus Said

Are you one of those who does everything all out, pedal to the metal? The Bible certainly encourages that in a variety of spiritual scenarios.

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"He's So Heavenly Minded He's No Earthly Good" - Nonsense!

This cutesy slogan often gets a chuckle when used as a subtle dig against a dedicated follower of the Lord. Sadly, it's thoroughly antiscriptural and (although not usually aimed at Him) is an insult to the most heavenly-minded person ever to walk the earth — Jesus Christ. Come see why it's a very good idea to be "heavenly minded" and, as a result, to be far more "earthly good."

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Spiritual Fathers - the Importance of a Dad

I've been blessed to have two fathers — my natural, biological Dad, now in heaven, and a spiritual "father in the faith," apostle Dick Benjamin of Anchorage, Alaska. Both have been an invaluable asset in my life.

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The "Sower Sows the Seed" of God's Word | You Can Too and Reap a Harvest

I've grown some good lawns in my lifetime. How? I sow lots of seed, usually doubling the amount of seed the directions say to sow. The same principle works in the kingdom of God. Jesus said that the seed we sow is the Word of God, the Scriptures. Scatter plenty of that priceless seed and you'll see it produce an abundant spiritual harvest.

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Talk Is Cheap. Walk the Walk, Don't Just Talk the Talk

My fellow Christian, are you a doer of God's Word or just a talker? A doer or a "hearer only"? Jesus, the apostle John, and some other Bible authors had some very sobering things to say to those who talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

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God's "Word of Truth," the Holy Bible, Has the Power to Save Souls

"All by itself," Jesus said, the seed of God's Word can lead people to a saving encounter with Jesus Christ. That was my experience in 1969.
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