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Gettext generates widely supported .po files and lets you use default texts in code which are replaced if translations are enabled and available.

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Coolest "tvshop" gadget ever. From the local marked in Trondheim.
Make spiral veggie cuts! :)

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Messed around with different software for about 1 hour before getting my film to play :)
This will save you the trouble.

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Pros and Cons on Asus RT-AC68U router
Just bought myself an ASUS RT-AC68U router.   Just thought I'd share my pros and cons about it: Cons: - There's no wall mount(!). Pros: - There's a button the back that switches off all, yes all, the LEDs. Sweet! :) And as the ASUS RT-N66U, which I also hav...

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Android 9-patch image in HTML5 CSS3
One feature that Android has adopted is 9-patch images. The Android Studio contains a Draw 9-patch tool which lets you 'create bitmap images that
automatically resize'. Basically you select areas of an image that can be repeated or stretched while others ar...

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Mockito for Play 2 Framework
Mocking is great! :) To use Mockito to mock stuff for your tests in Play 2 Framework do the following: 1. Add mockito as dependency in Build.scala: val appDependencies = Seq(     ...,     "org.mockito" % "mockito-all" % "1.10.19" ) Find latest version from ...

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Cheese cake with cream cheese and jelly (cold)
Recently I made a cheese cake and I thought I'd share how, since the recipe I found was kinda backwards. Since
the key part of this recipe i cold (get stuff cold so it sets), doing
all the heating first really improves the time it takes to make this

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Make your Raspberry Pi wireless
Make your Raspberry Pi wireless and be able to hide it away wherever you have a power outlet handy, just follow these steps: 1. Buy a Edimax EW-7811Un 150M 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter , great plug and play adapter. 2. Follow the steps on http://www.savagehomeauto...

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Play 2 framework access files in WAR
So you've created WAR files from your Play project, see Play 2 framework WAR file . But how to fetch files within you WAR file. I previously used: new File(play.Play.application().path().toString() + "//mydirectory//myfile.txt"); which works fine when runni...

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Play 2 framework WAR file
Play 2 framework is a nice framework for writing web applications in Java/Scala. Play runs it's own netty server so you get it up and running by just writing play run . It detects file changes and recompiles classes as needed upon page refresh in developmen...
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