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Mohit Khanna

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Nice capture by +Nikola Nikolski
"True Emotion"

This is my second contribution to monochrome theme #HobbyPhotog <Monochrome>
#monochrome #love
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I like this. It can either be sensual, or just a girl wiping a guys face.
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Mohit Khanna

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Here's one HDR image from Hampi, India. A massive (i mean it) 12th century auditorium, it's terrace as big as 1/2 a soccer field!

Please share if you like the image
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Nice angle and edit +Mohit Khanna =]
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Mohit Khanna

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Cool building and edit +Mohit Khanna =]
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Mohit Khanna

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I've never seen such a beautiful work of art before... Kudos to +Karen Hutton for this gem!
Old New Friends
She took a deep breath as she unsnapped the lock on her great, great grandmother's old suitcase.
Who knew what lay inside?
She lifted the lid gently, carefully.
Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the old photo lying on top.
So the place WAS real. She hadn't been sure.
She'd heard the stories of new old friends, lifelong as it turned out... laughing in the wind, barely able to stand up against the force of it... but taking pictures. Making art. Bonding over the giddy freedom of unbridled creativity.
Conditions be damned.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it. heh.

I just got back from Portland, working on a project I'll be announcing in the next month or so. But while I was there, I finally got to get out and do some shootin' with +Brian Matiash and +Ben Canales. OMG did we have a blast! We got soaked at the waterfalls we visited, blown around like tiny tumbleweeds by the winds gusts of up to 70mph at Vista House at Crown Point, which you can see from a distance in this photo. We talked shop, gear, creativity, art and nature of this incredible G+ world where friendships are forged at light speed yet are deeper and more real than many we've experienced along our life's path. We just had fun². And like Ben said: "We knew all three of us enjoyed photography, but, it was a nice surprise to discover we also liked each other and immediately found a relaxed comfort and shared humor as a group. Word!

I'll be back to Portland soon... and intend to see more of the incredible places the gorgeous area has to offer. This weekend only whetted my appetite for more!
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Oh you are so much welcome +Karen Hutton ..... eagerly awaiting more of your work! :-)
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Mohit Khanna

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+Ravi Valmikam Yes it can. No one tool is perfect .... but i try and get my selection of the subject good enough and give 'Content-Aware' fill as the first option. If that does not work then it's a slow process of spot-heal and clone stamping.
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Mohit Khanna

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Beautiful B&W :-)
Street Photography
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Mohit Khanna

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Beautiful capture!
Yesterday was epic. Honest to goodness some of the coolest shooting I've ever done. I cannot wait to get some of these photos developed and up here. I really want to say more but I don't want ...
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Mohit Khanna

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I love the processing work on this one.... and Daniel mentioned that the inspiration came from the work by +Josh Adamski ... superb!

And yes, you all should follow +Josh Adamski ... mind blowing images in his stream!
Venice beach
Here is another "moody" image, taken in Venice, about a mile south of where the #LAphotowalk took place.
My contribution to #SeaTuesday by +Julia Anna Gospodarou.
#photoplusextract #exposedphoto
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Hello Daniel, Really enjoyed the photo "Watching the surf". Colors are very vivid. Just wondering if you've used a color filter.  The processing is also lovely; like Mohit remarked !  Cheers - Mukesh
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Mohit Khanna

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Very very interesting (though peculiar) images from +Peter From ... enjoyed every one of them!
And the crows gathered at the old stone church once more... The time had come to choose the strongest leader...

Photoshop CS4.
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Those are peculiar. A very different take on things.
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Mohit Khanna

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How do you manage to be so geometrically precise in your frame composition? I envy the precision in symmetry here, even in the reflection in the water.

Can you post a blog on workflow along with the 3 original for educating someone like me?
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Mohit Khanna

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The ancient ruins of Hampi!

I was waiting for this trip to happen for a long time. Finally had a short visit to this place and got some HDR work done. The ruins are so beautiful.... my images will NOT do justice to this place. Worth a visit if you are nearby this place.

I am still new to HDR and have a long way to perfection. But am trying.... hard.
Hope you all like the images.... please feel free share them further. Who minds a bit of publicity? :-)
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+Shyan Haque Don't think so. You studied in New Delhi?
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Mohit Khanna

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Incredible star trails captured by Lincoln Harrison.... effort very well spent!
Hour after hour of painstaking night time shooting in the depths of the Australian winter netted photographer Lincoln Harrison these incredible images.
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Software Engineer, HDR Photography enthusiast and loving it! :-)
A software engineer living, eating and breathing quality code all the time... until Photography swept me off my feet! Photography is my new passion and I'm loving it! ;-) 

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Food's quite nice. Owner and staff very courteous. 5 stars if it starts serving beer! :-)
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Been here during winters. Nice place.... And a very dense forest. Lots of deers. At our resort they were just about 10m away from our room. People are also very spoken and helpful. All on all a very pleasant 2 day trip.
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reviewed 5 years ago