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Alicia “AK” Anderson
Global SEO Translator and Sci-Fi Writer
Global SEO Translator and Sci-Fi Writer


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Have you ever asked yourself (or Siri) "Am I crazy?"

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I have friends who self-publish their books, and I have friends pursuing traditional publishing contracts. People are intensely weird about whichever choice a writer makes. So, here's this link. If someone gets weird about any big huge life choice you've made, feel free to send this post to them (and very kindly tell them to shove it.) 

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Well. Now those Christmas presents are all taken care of.

Asked on Twitter, now I'll ask here. What really makes a female friendship "stick"? I'm trying to get 2 characters in my book to click as friends and I feel like I'm missing a key moment of clarity.

My mind is going a million directions at once. Well, to be fair, so is my life.  I have more projects than I have hours, and people I care about want more attention than I have available.  Has anyone mastered pressing the "pause" button? If so, please share your technique.

I think the names of  many cleaning product scents could double as stripper names. My stripper name would be Zesty Sunshine.

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Tonight I have big thoughts. "I should write something about power and feminism."  
I have little thoughts. "I should learn that 15 steppy thing."  
And I have nonsensical thoughts. "Where is the Improbably Tiny Elephant?" 
None of which include chocolate.

Facebook is nagging me about updating my author page. Little nudging emails. I find it obnoxious, because really, 9 days isn't "a long time" to go without posting on a Page.

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Hi, and thanks for the invite :)  I'm sitting here with curlers in my hair to go to a girly brunch with acquaintances. I'd much rather hang out in an eclectic cafe and get to know you!  Here's my not-very-frequently-updated blog link. 

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This is the article I wrote for Girls Like Comics about the New 52 Wonder Woman. 
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