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About Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

On August 1st 2017 a group of people decided to fork a separate crypto-currency from Bitcoin. In short, each owner of a Bitcoin was given a BCH coin.

The good news is, your BCH coins are still in your Bitcoin Wallet, protected by the same private keys as your Bitcoins. As long as you don't disclose your wallet or private keys nobody can take them from you.

The bad news is, our app doesn't support other coins besides Bitcoin and this isn't going to change in the forseeable future. So you can't send your BCH coins from within the app. We expect the BCH developers (or some other volunteer) to come up with a technical solution for this what we believe is a fundamental flaw of BCH.

What you can do is extract your private keys and use them in a BCH wallet to split your BCH coins away. Read our other pinned post for how to get your keys. Just be aware that these private keys also protect your Bitcoins. If the wallet, tool or webpage you're using steals your keys, it steals both the BCH coins and the Bitcoins associated to these keys! Also, under no circumstances copy any private key to the clipboard. It can be read by any app in the background, silently and without any permission! Because of these risks, we actually do not recommend this procedure. Rather, we suggest waiting for a proper technical solution by the BCH developers.

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About getting your private keys:

We're realizing some of you want to see their private keys stored in the wallet. You have other uses for these keys than sending Bitcoin, like signing arbitrary messages or sending alternative crypto currencies.

Our primary goal is the safety of your Bitcoins, so we're not exposing your private keys via the user interface. The reason is there is no safe way to get the keys into other devices or apps. The obvious way to copy them to the clipboard will get them stolen in no time by any malicious app on your device. For similar reasons, sharing them via intent isn't possible either. We could show them to you as a hex dump, but that wouldn't be useful to anyone and also bear risks.

However, you can use wallet-tool to dump your wallet from the backup. The process is very similar to our recovery process (linked below). When you get to the point of dumping your wallet, add --dump-privkeys to the command line (and --password if you're using a spending PIN). It will print the private keys for each of your addresses in WIF (wallet import format).

Be extremely careful with these private keys! Don't copy them to any clipboard. Don't type them into web pages. Don't use them in scripts or apps you downloaded from the Internet. All of them can get your Bitcoins (and any attached alternative crypto currencies) stolen quickly.
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The "Open Bitcoin Privacy Project" (OBPP) is looking for volunteers to rate wallets for privacy. The idea is everyone rates a competitors wallet and their own. The result is a (hopefully) valuable feedback.

Thus, I'm looking for a volunteer to take part as a Bitcoin Wallet dev. Feel free to get in touch if you're interested. I'll forward details.

The previous report can be read at

Bitcoin Wallet recently switched its build system from Maven to Gradle 2.4. This should make it easier for people who want to use Android Studio or IntelliJ.

For more info about how to build, see (scroll down to BUILDING).

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This is a screenshot on how the new design for Bitcoin Wallet looks like. Most of it is already rolling out as version 4.27.

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Question to everyone: How do you like this payments list design, compared to the current one?

Do not use the Clipboard for Bitcoin addresses!

More often than we thought, people are using the clipboard for transfering their Bitcoin address to another app. Let's reiterate why this is dangerous:

Any app on your phone can read or write the clipboard without any permission. It would be trivial for a malicious app to listen for Bitcoin addresses and replace them by their own address, stealing all coins from that payment. If you compare addresses to protect against this, you need to compare more than just a few digits!

Afaik, it hasn't happened yet but since it's so trivial I think it's only a matter of time.

Therefore, please understand we will slowly migrate the app away from being able to copy addresses to the clipboard.

Whenever possible, please use the QR code or NFC to initiate payments. If need to receive coins from web sites, ask them to implement scanning QR codes using your webcam or even support NFC (there is JavaScript APIs for both). The BIP70 payment protocol is waiting for you since almost 1 year -- please use it!

If you want to send your Bitcoin address by mail or message, use the Share button on the Request coins screen. If you want to receive coins from a locally installed app (e.g. another wallet), use the Request from local app action in the options menu. If all else fails, you need to manually type the Bitcoin address to stay on the safe side.

By the way, this issue affects all other platforms as well, not only Android.

I just uploaded version 4.13 to beta testing.

It brings support for sweeping BIP38 password-protected paper wallets!

We need testers! If you want to step up, have a look at the "become a testers" post pinned to the top of this community. Please report any issues through the app or file an issue on GitHub. Thanks!

You can also download the beta here:

Make sure you've always got a backup of your wallet.

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We just released Bitcoin Wallet version 4.11 to Google Play. It fixes the white/black screen on startup that some of you experienced.

It also allows you to pay the old higher fee in order to (potentially) get transactions confirmed more quickly.

I just uploaded version 4.07 to beta testing. Here is a list of features to look forward:

* Performance improvements.
* Drop network fee by factor of 10.
* The wallet can be protected by a spending PIN.
* Record memos read from payment requests.
* Support rotation for HD key chains.

We need testers! If you want to step up, have a look at the "become a testers" post pinned to the top of this community. Please report any issues through the app or file an issue on GitHub. Thanks!

You can also download the beta here:

Make sure you've always got a backup of your wallet.
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