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+Kamioftime For only a month of progress, that is a fantastic start! After all It only takes that special one thing to peak your interest in collecting anything and getting to know more about it right? I certainly think so!- Since I just subscribed. I'm going to check out some of your other videos to see how you have progressed since 2010. I'm sure you have plenty of good videos to share from the last 4 years :)

The good news is your not the only collector out there. Also If not already, I'm sure you'd be surprised of some people and their collections. They can be absolutely gigantic and sometimes they do trades (fairly) if you ask really nicely ;D

 Best of luck in your search out there for all those gaming goodies!

Haste In Time

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This is actually pretty nice. I could only imagine this MOD getting better and better. In all practicality though, its not as user friendly as I'd like but- this thing is just too cool at the moment.

At the very least least give me Supergates as (end-portals) and better texture to particle effects with this MOD and I think everyone will be happy as far as ascetics. The only gripe w/the mod is Naquadah isn't entirely portrayed accurately as it is in the show and I can see how tough it is to create a build-tree for it- heck maybe we should just turn Redstone into bluestone (w/a simple color change) and mix it with Iron Ingot or Glowstone and Blaze Powder to get Naquadah and enough of it could then be made into more solidified Naquadah Blocks.

In turn,  the Naquadah blocks could become useful for Naquadah specific things like indefinitely powering a (nether) gate, with a crystal possibly as a off/on switch and the ability to make one way trip (w/one Naquadah Block only used) SuperGates that go to The End or Power it with two Naquadah Blocks and it will allow for return travel. Naquadah blocks and Naquadah then could be used as a more potent form of TNT spiked with the 'charged' Naquadah.

The last thing of note here is the Star-gate's Dial-Home-Device or DHD could be made more legible and could be made to look a bit more like the real deal. The DHD should use crystal combos to power it and the DHD's big center button could potentially become like an on and off switch. (the idea is when you hit it the first time after you enter the correct address to turn it on/engage-it and hit the button again on the other side to turn it off allowing for smooth travel since its mine-craft, arguably the gate is supposed to shut off after 15-30 seconds go by when you have walked through it ... I could go on but I won't)
I may be over thinking it but I think my idea on the functions of both the DHD and SG would be a bit simpler for a build-tree and would function more like the show, fuel rates aside. Ayway you look at it Naquadah is a powerful substance in its own right and this SG-Mod is definitely pretty fun. :)

Haste In Time

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@ +ShoddyCast

Ahh- the age old debate of Pre-Order Content. :)

Now, on that note from watching this video 100% ... after being referred here its soap-boxing time...

ESO is a big deal to alot of Beth-Soft fans everywhere. Including myself. I can only commend the tremendous work that the developers at ZeniMax Online Studios have done in bringing this colossal but seemingly epic game to life and say lots of nice things.

I definitely see why your upset at the marketing team but I've learned to not to get upset by what I simply cannot control.  Instead, I have learned to curb my anger constructively and creatively choose with my power of my bank account on weather or not I deciede to pre-order, at-all.  This is because, no matter the edtion you per-order. The First 3 weeks are the most important for any video game launch, now with that in mind ... your actions should read as black and white to the marketers since that is what that raw data is used to project the future, which is looked at first and foremost. I mean "Raw" as in all copies/edtions ever sold- up until that 3rd week's end. Additionally, I've heard that it can be considered as important up to 90 days or 3 moths but is not entirely accurate or as important the first three weeks sales from my experiences. That raw data from the first 3 weeks is used to project more accurate future sales overall. (for example; look at what SE was wanting from Tomb Raider in one month of sales! o.o)

Now, with what I stated about the "3 weeks period being the most important" you now appear to have a flawed plan. As It would seem that your going to buy the game as a Pre-Order despite your concerns with it, that in itself arguably still enables the game's existence as it is with micro-shops and all during the important Pre-Order sales period. All Just simply by pre-ordering  it. Your acknowledging that you like what you see regardless of edition bought and have in this sense, by tactics of marketability alone justified that you agree with what you disliked about the CE (sending the wrong impression), cause they simply just crunch it as an overall raw data sales figure and project it from there.

Fan in Point: No matter how you slice it ...

 I also realize that your a passionate fan of Elder-Scrolls which is why your buying into the game and that you've made some valid points. Even though I don't agree with your "Boiling Fog" analogy use entirely.

This is because In the end it doesn't really matter. No matter how you slice it.
 At least for me personally. Why? That would be because we could dance on the issue of Pre-Orders & Exclusive content all day (almost literally). However, I don't see why not to have these content bonuses at pre-order, as it just makes for easier access to obtain that content which would otherwise not existed firstly or would have existed in another form as more "Pay-Gatable" content later on. Keep in mind I'm not defending they shouldn't adapt just proving it wont matter as much as you may think. Please, do read on to find out more on this idea ...

 is not the end of the road here and is the real clutch point for the debate you've created. These days companies such as Sony sees the word "Exclusive" for example as a 6 month to 3 year term or period before letting that game and/or DLC loose into the wild elsewhere, if at all. Point for that is, Exclusivity seems to be flaunted around in this manner and not only by Sony. It just seems to me that "Exclusivity" today holds no more water or value than the age old; "The Glass is Half-full or Empty" debate. Exclusive should mean that you and you alone whom purchased the CE should get its content but these days it usually just means that we end up with extra re-released content as DLC or Ex-Packs at a later date and to an extension the re-release of games themselves to another platform if ever in question.

I for one,  think its great to be able to have a choice (in the best case) of paying for that Pre-Order content at a later date if it happens or as Day One DLC, ect. because it adds choice to how I game. Sure in this case I may not have the option of one single entire race right now but is it so mind boggling that they made Imperials a Collector's only Race? and just- What would you have them give us in trade for something so epically awesome in that category of greater or equal value? I would wonder.

 I can only hope that they re-hash it all as a Collectors DLC Pack which would let players pay for it if they so choose. (I'd even take it as Day One DLC) Meanwhile dont forget that Exclusive content defines us as Gamers , it adds personality and arguably gives "bragging rights" to us that own that content. These days you should take the word "exclusive" weary in the context of games or movies, thus treating them more loosely or with a pinch of salt. As its just the way it currently is thanks to marketers everywhere.

The Power of Pre-Order More-ket-ing;

the more content the merrier  one should think and sometimes it makes one wonder if the game is not at its best- core wise ...

It's been generally part of the pre-order experience (at least its what the average marketeer would say) to be able to gain early access or have other features and "extra" content as a bonus and a thank you for your patronage. Most of us have become accustomed to this over the years. To which the marketers would argue the "exclusive" content that is being offered as a package deal during pre-sales is also another reason to pre-order and might re-tort that it wouldn't be there otherwise or that they might have it surface that content separately for purchase at a higher cost. Instead of a Pre-Order package deal at a discount.

 That in turn would make it yet another pay-gate or worse- a series of pay-gated content with higher pricing individually than it would be all-together. Which if you think about all of it, you dont have to pay for that content ultimately if you dont wish to and that is truly the real genius here. Cause as you said; "Vote with your money!"

Re-Capping Point for Point:

My first point specifically is that no matter how you slice it;

 That extra content isn't fool-proof in its entire nonexistence/existence. It either exists (for good or bad) or it doesn't in some of the worst cases. What the content is may not be up to the Devs but it is in the Devs hands. I would like to think that in most cases the Devs get to determine of what it's strength of calibur is and how it might impact the game. I can't speak for Zenimax Online Studios but they likely have a few options in regards as to what to do with the content they need to fill in and add to the Pre-Order. After all, digital content doesn't just appear out of thin air w/out someone giving the game some input.

I've even heard of some cases;

 Where Pre-Order stuff sometimes adds more budgeting to games, so in hope that they may polish and finish up better. Kinda like a Wheaties sponsor endorsement deal. Within Beth-soft it may not be the case but I'd like to think that they are getting paid their overtime pre-order dues.

Secondly, I've seen this happen with many games over the years;
Pre-order content comes out which is "exlcusive" to the Pre-order, Fans Complain, Pre-order deal then gets re-released as a DLC in some form, or is woven into a Full Ex-Pack, ect.

Third, I have learned that most digital pre-order content aim at being underpowered outside of shooters (with the good intent not to ruin the game experiance). I cant remember a single item being more OP than the rest of the in game items in all of the RPGs' I have played. Ever.

So let us hope that the digital content it isn't overly op but isn't extremely watered down. I want us all to get what we paid for or more than. Bonus content should feel like it belongs there, I think.

Final Point, freedom for freedom sake;

Yeah I do agree, that to be any race you want is cool but it does mess with the idea that your locked to that "pride" system. Its just messed up. I cant really argue with that too much XD

but whatever will be, will be aka Hakunamatata! O.o

Just Final Food for Thought;

It's recommendation time!

Buy the game after the pre-order sales die down after 3rd week of sales or temporarily boycott your purchase until you feel that your heard out and kindly speak up to Beth-Soft ...

It will hurt them alot financially sure, especially if everyone does it but it is better to send the message than not at all.

Finally, I'm gonna wrap this up with this ...

I'm a big RPG buff and I've been a big fan of Beth-Soft and its Devs for years. I have both tolerated and loved each and every game they have released since the birth of Beth-Soft. Personally I have come a long, long way in the games industry and I would like to think my words of wisdom in this case have helped you out  +ShoddyCast  as I do speak from my own experiences.

It is unfortunate for me, that I dont have the budget to sustain an extra 15$ a month fee at the moment and will be sitting out on ESO until I can. (cause I'm currently on FF14ARR and loving that on PC) There is always Fallout 4 for me in the meantime to hope for and while I'm waiting for that I can and will Pre-Order and play the death out of; FF13:LR, Fable Anniversary, Midde-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, and MAD-MAX ... oh and I almost forgot: DARK SOULS II! :D (yay!)

Oh my~ is this year ever packed with exciting games and events coming up!
(I'm off to Bronycon & PAX this year. I'm also looking forward to watching E3 on my X1 :D)

I'm getting down from my 'return' soap-box now. :D

Haste In Time

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Yohe there! Just joined and I love this community, its just AWESOME! :3
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Haste In Time

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Welcome Everyone! This is a community for fun and relaxation. Please be kind and share cool stuff, today I announce that I'm hard at work on my very own RPG.

 I will need a title name, so some serious suggestions are welcome.
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Haste In Time

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@Krassimir Cavalerra:

"Most players get past normal difficulty on D3 and brake the CD, never to play this awful garbage game ever again."

My Response:
The year was 2012 when this came out, since when does EVERYONE own a disc copy these days? You know,  you make me- Lmao!

Seriously though Diablo 3 isn't as terrible entirely thanks to the new addition of the RoS Expansion and there will always be Patches! (patches, which they had created to remove the horrid AH and tweak the loot drops)

D2 wasn't as good on its own when it first launched either, when LOD came along it changed the game for the better I believe, similar to how RoS is for D3.


You seem like a pretty cool Diablo player and if as you say; "have done everything" Then, have you played it with the Brother Laz Median XL Mod for DII-LOD? If not, I invite you to come and play it w/me sometime through GameRanger which will be needed. It will give you more to do for a while and it's likely there were alot of the new skills or ideas for D3 have been borrowed from the Median XL Mod. There is STILL tons of new loot to be found, new hidden bosses and new monsters to fight and new spaces to find and explore but only when you use the Median XL Mod in addition to D2 LOD.

Anyone interested in a good friendly game of D2:LOD with me, can request it via Gmail: Line: D2: LOD Request)
*Requirement: Age is restricted to 17 and older

Haste In Time

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I'm loving this moment where that "Tank" went "tunk" the guy got stuck! 0:32-0:038 (lmao)

Haste In Time

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The languages I loved best in this are;
French, Norwegian, Russian & Mandarin (Chinese) :D

 but of course, I prefer English by default. :3
( Since its my native language :)

Haste In Time

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All I have to say in response to Nintendo leaving is just; "WHAT!?"

This is primarily because I can't see a future w/out them in it, in some shape or form. Nintendo is a great gaming company that got us all ecstatic to play video games again in the first place at least since the very early 90's with the launch of the NES and the later introduction of the Game-Boy handheld. Ever since then video games have quickly become a hot medium & a fantastic ever growing industry.

However even though I might agree that while Nintendo may need to re-think some of their marketing strategy, tactics, ( ie; Wii to WIi-U? instead of Super Wii or another name ...) and address the transitional Wii to Wii U's faulty points. There is still no reason I can see them ever truly leaving completely or pulling a "Sega" as Danny O'Dwyer at Game-Spot called it. No matter the final outcome I still love Nintendo as a brand and company. Nintendo undoubtedly still make great games. I am glad I own each and every Nintendo system/console that ever hit the NA region.  Even the dreaded Virtual-Boy.

 Also, before I am labled as a complete Fan of Nintendo- do keep in mind I got a X1, PS4, and many other systems/consoles in the same room with tons of Video Games for each of them. I am simply a passionate gamer. Especially since I owe Nintendo a special big thank you for all the years of fun experiences that they gave me in turn for my hard earned money. Just like many others I might not be into video games as much if Nintendo did not ever exist in any form in the Video Game Industry. For me at least; it all started with an Asteroids Arcade Cabinet and my first home system, the NES. As you might  imagine that experience has me left with many reasons why I like Nintendo. Reasons that you can't deny if you had or played an Nintendo system/console such as the NES and you've been aboard at least since then but- like it or not Nintendo has had giant impact upon video gaming as we know it and I for one hope they continue to do so in their own quirky way. :D

On the side though; I do still wish Sega would make games and re-continue to make great consoles. Dreamcast 2 anybody? :o (Yes please!)
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