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Tim Norwood
Man from MK
Man from MK

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Types of Ministry Team

Still not much life in G+ but good to see people slowly joining...
The more people here, the more use it will be...

Morning all!

Morning all!

Morning all in Google+ land.

Been an interesting day for Social Networking sites: Google+ launches while Facebook plays... It will be interesting to see how this works out...

Pleased to know that Google+ is now open to all. About time too! It will be interesting to see if anyone joins. That would be the proof of the pudding!

I've come to the conclusion that Google+ is a better system than Facebook and Twitter combined - but it will still be useless if there's no-one using it. Google need to make it public ASAP and get advertising.

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Beautiful morning in Medbourne

Enjoying a bright September morning in MK. The city always looks good in the sunshine.
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