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Fourth of July Parade in Copper Harbor MI
Keep this image in mind; you will see more of it later in the blog. Copper Harbor MI is a very small town (with less than 100 year-round inhabitants but lots more in the summer) which sits just at the tip of the Keweenaw, about 4 miles from our house.  It c...

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A Day at Little Traverse
Yesterday we drove to the other side of the Keweenaw to visit our friend Marilyn and her dog Scout.  This side of the peninsula looks different with many coves and bays on the more shore sheltered shore of Lake Superior.  The view from Marilyn's house is go...

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Swimming at Lake Medora
June 15, swimming on my (to clarify 69th) birthday.   Yes, the water is cold.  I am not yet at the point in the summer when I can risk going into the house and putting on my bathing suit after walking or exercising in the heat.  (Afraid I will chicken out.)...

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In The Last Day of My Seventieth Year
In the last day of my seventieth year (and reading Proust with Tony), I turn in search of les temps perdu . With my mother in Manning SC. At home in Manning. At the beach (I think this is Myrtle Beach as it was long ago) with my mother.  (Notice the matchin...

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"Narrative Desire": Daniel Mendelsohn's The Lost
I said I wasn’t going to do another “Back to the Past
Holocaust Book” blogpost, because it’s getting too predictable.  But this one was so monumental, so
compelling, so filled with narrative desire, I decided I would go ahead
anyway.  (And besides, it is my...

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(If you don't like politics in a blog post, you'd better skip this one.) There are so many things I am angry about right now: the Russia mess, the "travel ban," the possibility of draconian hits to health care, the bellicose macho posturing.  That is a lot....

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Reading in Retirement
I have always read a lot.  My whole work career was built around reading (and writing), and I always read regularly during times I wasn't working.  So reading a lot in retirement isn't itself new.  However, the way I read has changed in some ways, though no...

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Pure Michigan. On the Road to Lake Medora
After a boring first day of driving across Indiana, we entered Michigan for our next two days of the 900 mile drive to our part of the Upper Peninsula:  Lake Medora, situated in the Keweenaw, about 5 miles south of Copper Harbor. As our drive progressed, th...

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Glenn Kurtz. Three Minutes in Poland. More Trails to the Past.
Continuing my reading jag. . . . This is a fascinating book.  In August 1938, Glenn Kurtz's parents went to Europe, visiting famous European cities, such as Paris and Brussels.  As part of their trip they also visit a small city in Poland named Nasielsk.  W...

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Sarah Wildman. Paper Love. Paper Trails to the Past (A Reading Jag)
Recently I've been reading a lot of books that center around someone's discovery of a cache of papers (or film) that reveals a secret history of a family member during World War II.  The best of these "look back" "memoirs was probably In the Darkroom  by Su...
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