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My kid is a dork!
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#glassexplorers Just got invited to join the google glass explorer program... is this a hoax? There's a TON of people posting about this! Excited, but hesitant.

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Can anyone verify this? The woman sounds amazing!
What will you do today to make someone's life better?

Irena Sendler - Life in A Jar


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Have I finally found a tattoo for my other leg??
Tree of Gondor on one side, Sonic Screwdriver on the other? heck yea!
This young lady apparently has a sonic screwdriver tattooed on her thigh.  Let me just hit the high points of that statement again: Screwdriver. Tattoo. On. Thigh.

All this time I only thought I was a fan. But no. *This* is a fan.  :D

>I< #twt   #doctorwho  

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After meeting Randall Monroe, reading these comics for years, and being super nerdy; seeing these in Time Magazine was AWESOME!

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Wouldn't it be amazing to see special zoos with extinct species in them? It might be silly to reintroduce extinct species into the wild (there are different theories there), but this could be an amazing opportunity for research and education.
Scientists are proposing genetic experiments such as cloning to resurrect extinct species. If successful, one question looms: What will happen to the animals created?

Tell us what you think. #DeExtinction   #TEDxDeExtinction

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You've all been warned!
Its National Grammer Day! Correct you're friend's G+ posts, they'll appreciate it.

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I love this!

btw, +Wil Wheaton is awesome. Even more awesome in person! Meeting him was one of the highlights of my trip!
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