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I rode 3 different horses at Chilcotin Holidays
If you're looking for fun and
adventure, Chilcotin Holidays is the place. For me, it was worth the long
drive. The week spent up there was fun.I went up with my sister. She was in
Guide school. When I wasn't riding, I learned about stuff from the Guide Scho...

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A tribute to seven wranglers at Chilcotin Holidays
This story is a tribute to seven
wranglers at Chilcotin Holidays, who shared the knowledge, experience and
laughter of the One Week Wilderness Guide Training Program that would last a
lifetime. To Darrel, Jim, Allen, John, Joe, Kim and Todd. They say once y...

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One saddle horse, one rifle, and one shaker of salt...
man on a Chilcotin Holidays has one saddle horse, one rifle one shaker of salt,
and nothing more.. he s gloriously free... Paul St Pier quote-at Chilcotin
Holidays After stoking up on breakfast, Kevan
instructed us on the proper methods of handling a hors...

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Eldorado camp assistant
Early in the morning morning I was awoken by my lead guide asking me about if I wanted to join a pack trip that same morning. I checked the watch and it said 5:45. It took me a while to form a coherent answer. My first one was “give me an hour and I am read...

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Guiding in Eldorado
Going guiding on a pack trip in Eldorado is something I will never forget. It all starts with the packing; it is after all a pack trip. I have to remember it all, there is no plan ‘’b’’ if I forget something. Everything from eggs to propane have to be broug...

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Mountains and Photography – an endless source of inspiration
What exactly is it about mountains that you like? As for me, I haven't been able to quite pin it down, but maybe it is just in my genes? My grandma has been hiking extensively ever since she was young. When she had my mother she would 'drag' her along and t...

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Survival Kit
I recently went on a bush craft survival course while at the ranch. It was something I was very interested in doing while I was here. When you live in populated areas with all of life’s modern conveniences surrounding you, it’s easy to neglect the need for ...

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Learning Mechanics at the Ranch
I started driving a little later in life, I’m not sure why, possibly because I was always travelling and never really needed one at home. Once I learned and got a car though, it was hard for me to imagine how I could have left it so long and certainly would...

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Pack Trip to Spruce Lake
There’s always a lot to do before leaving on a pack trip . The horses need to be run down, saddled up, duffel bags readied and the pack horses need to be loaded up. Everything needs to be secured, lots of knots and double checking. We had a lovely day to b...

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Why you should never run from a bear
Black Bear Tracking Grizzly Bear Tracking Before I came to Canada, my first instinct would have been to run from a bear. I think I even read it somewhere that depending on what kind of bear you encounter you should run. I cannot remember which one it said t...
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