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"programmers are often really bad at misdirecting their frustration; years of dealing with browser incompatibilities somehow led to the folk wisdom that JavaScript itself is a horrible language"
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I agree with the author that in a perfect world, we should be playing with Lua in the browser. Oscar, have you ever messed around with Lua?
I have not. Im currently playing with Haskell but Lua is on the list :) have you? What do you like about it?
Soooo it's possible that I may have been spent years as a hopeless WoW addict and dabbled in addon creation for quite some time. All WoW addons are written in Lua, and it's actually quite fun to get into. Lua has a really great "table" datatype that I wish I had in js.

Now that I think about it, WoW may have introduced an entire generation of gamers to object oriented coding, who wouldn't have been exposed otherwise ...
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