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Well, we'll see how this goes. My Mom really wants to try something totally different, so, she wants to learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. She took CS classes in college, but then went into medical, then optical, then housewife, then back to optical again and now she's bored i guess and wants to try it and see what I do. Pretty cool, but no idea if she's gonna actually keep running with it.

If she does, I'm going to start a blog "Teaching Your Parents to Code"
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I feel almost sorry for you. If your momma is half as thick as mine, you'll be in trouble in no time.
I'm just really impressed your mother knows what "javascript" is.
My mother still can't pronounce "Drupal". She just knows I make "websites for rock stars", which is a waaaay better title than I'd give myself, lol.
That's indeed where she's been learning :)
Oh also, that's where +Adam Bickford started and in less than a year he's able to be a core contributed to EpicEditor which isn't exactly easy to understand code haha
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