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It's been about 6 months, so I guess I should type something into G+...  anyone out here?

blah blah blah #whitespace blah blah blah

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Cayman Diving (28 photos)
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Cayman Diving

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sharing this as a way to remind myself to read the links in this post (most likely so that I can either agree or disagree with interesting/annoying people at fancy soirées which is ironic. i know.)
To the people who keep dismissing Occupy Wall Street for "not having a clear message" and "not providing a list of demands/objectives":

Saying you don't know what they're protesting when there is a plethora of information out there about this movement and what it stands for/against, but you just didn't bother to research it, doesn't make them misdirected and aimless. It just makes you lazy and uninformed.

[For example, if you want to know why a list of demands right now isn't necessary, and, in fact, may actually be counterproductive, read this insightful post:]

"That’s because, unlike a political campaign designed to get some person in office and then close up shop (as in the election of Obama), this is not a movement with a traditional narrative arc. As the product of the decentralized networked-era culture, it is less about victory than sustainability. It is not about one-pointedness, but inclusion and groping toward consensus. It is not like a book; it is like the Internet.

"Occupy Wall Street is meant more as a way of life that spreads through contagion, creates as many questions as it answers, aims to force a reconsideration of the way the nation does business and offers hope to those of us who previously felt alone in our belief that the current economic system is broken."

[If you want to know about some of the challenges of creating a cohesive voice, as is being demanded of the movement, check out this commentary on the shame put upon struggling citizens and why they need to overcome that first:]

"I didn’t get OWS because (like a lot of other people) I kept trying to fit it into the wrong model. It’s not the 20th-century labor movement, marching for a minimum wage and a 40-hour week. It’s not Rosa Parks demanding her seat on the bus. It’s not last spring’s occupation of the state capitol in Madison, demanding the restoration of collective bargaining rights, a reversal of education cuts, and maybe even the recall of Gov. Walker.

"Those were fine movements, but they’re not this movement. This is more like feminism in the late 60s or gay rights in the 80s. Specific demands will play their role eventually, but consciousness-raising has to come first.

"Remember what we were told in those days? Feminists were women who had to work because they were too ugly to get a man. Gays were perverts too limp-wristed to defend themselves. They were losers. If you resembled them or sympathized with them, you were supposed to be ashamed.

"Somebody had to be the first to go out in public and absorb that scorn. I remember my shock the first time I saw Dykes on Bikes, or a troop of guys in drag chanting “We’re here. We’re queer.” I remember trying to imagine how much courage that took, and what else must be possible if this was possible.

"But other than a vague sense that they ought to be treated more like human beings, I don’t remember their demands. I wonder if they remember."

[And if you would like to know what action the OWS movement is taking despite all of this, and what their objectives are, take a look at the NYC General Assembly minutes:]

[Or if charts and numbers are more your thing, here is a breakdown of just some of what's gone wrong in the last number of years:]

Ad this is just a start. There is a a wide array of resources out there readily available, including the OWS sit-ins themselves. Go down and talk with your fellow citizen who is protesting. Ask them why they're sacrificing their comfort to camp out in the cold and rain without security to fight for what they believe in. Turn off your TV. Find out from the source. Educate yourselves. Don't rely on others to spoon-feed you. You have two hands and a brain. Use them. Don't condemn others for starving you when you can reach out and feed yourself.

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in my case, more like joining the rebel alliance :)
A friend, on the choice to quit Microsoft and join Google: "I don't think of it as jumping ship, more like switching Death Stars."

so, i can see a list of things that i've +1'ed on other websites, or in google reader, but i can't see a list of things that i've +1'ed on google plus? seems kinda odd? am i doing it wrong?

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sharing as a personal reminder to download most of the other books mentioned in the footnotes.

the ability to +1 things from google reader might finally lead to me being something close to nearly active on G+.
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