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Could someone please point me to the webcast recording for week 2?

There was mention of a YouTube video explaining Google+ made by Kevin but the link doesn't work. Does anyone have that?
Many thanks. Melanie

I'm sorry I'm so late. I can see flipped learning applying to almost everything my students and I do during the semester. I teach writing where I could have students watch a screencast on types of sentences and then complete a few quizzes on their own or bring in at least one example of each type to show they've understood the differences.

In my grammar class I could review some of the trickiest aspects of what we're studying and then the class would be freed up for practicing the active skills of speaking or writing.

In my listening class I could have students watch a video and listen for discourse markers and then suggest substitutes. In class they could cooperatively develop 2 minute presentations on something we're studying.

Hi John and everyone,

I'm Melanie and I teach full-time at a Connecticut community college. I'm most interested in learning how to flip parts of my grammar and communication classes so that we can do more interactive activities and real language practice scenarios in class.
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