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Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I like the premise but see some significant problems. I haven't checked into it yet, but do you know if there is an ability to add interests etc. to the list of options when making choices about interests and careers? Right now, I see a very limited set of choices. Music includes rock and world genres, but not jazz, classical, or others, and includes composition but not improvisation or songwriting, for instance. Practical skills features a totally arbitrary set of skills and omits many equally valid ones. This strikes me as a fatal flaw unless users can add, in real time, things that aren't already there, and I didn't see a mechanism for doing that in my initial pass. (I'm also puzzled by the need to identify the child's gender... is this info used as part of the algorithm that suggests outcomes? If so, that is heavily problematic, and if not, why is it necessary? I work with some kids who do not accept binary gender and would refuse to even look past that strange demand.)
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