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Former UNASG Anthony Banbury in the NY Times: "I love the UN, but it is failing."

Me, too, I love the UN ... and also Remington typewriters. Yet these warnings need to be heeded ... and that in every sector the UN is working in.

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My goodness ... hilarious!!!

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Very interesting and balanced article about how illegal fishing could be reduced substantially through GPS tracking, with all the difficulties and implications that come along with it.

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Nicely done and captivating short film. I like ... life.

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Every once in a while there is a release when the evolution of a music genre seems to culminate into something great. So the case for me with The Contortionist's album "Language":

Missing the fabulous drumming of "Oceansize"? Wishing their would be lyrics in "Animals As Leaders"? "Alcest" is too soft? "Textures" seem raw and have too few of their beautiful moments?  "Cynic" is missing the final punch?

Well, then ... listen to this!!

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Wanted to post this since some time already ...

Big step forward to protect the Caspian Sea environment and for sustainable development in the region:

In Ashgabat on 28-30 May 2014, at their 5th Meeting of the Tehran Convention Conference of the Parties, the Caspian littoral countries adopted a Protocol on Biodiversity Conservation despite the ongoing legal dispute on the Sea's borders. They also established the Secretariat of the Convention in the region, starting in Baku, Azerbaijan from 2015. The UN Environment Program facilitated the negotiations - Press Release:

#CaspianSea #MEAs #sustainability #Russia #CentralAsia #UNEP  

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In addition to our UNEP press release, here's a video link of the Iranian PressTV about our Caspian 4th Conference of the Parties in Moscow. Gives a nice vivid impression of the meeting ...

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Step by step progress to strengthen international environmental governance in the Caspian Sea. Supported by us, the Tehran Convention Interim Secretariat hosted by UNEP, the Caspian states adopted and signed the legally-binding Protocol against Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities in Moscow. The next big step forward after the signing of the Protocol on Oil Spills Preparedness and Response last year in Aktau, Kazakhstan. We also got a good mandate to continue working on the Caspian Environmental Monitoring, Reporting and Information Exchange System ... so let's keep it up!
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