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Colorado Springs for Ron Paul
Working to get Ron Paul elected in Colorado.
Working to get Ron Paul elected in Colorado.

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A lot of people have wondered, what's next? How can we grow this liberty movement beyond just the presidential campaign? One of our own has started a local wing of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a national organization that can promote policy and provide endorsements (like when they endorsed Ron Paul). Once enough people donate (you have to be a Republican, I believe), we will have a meeting to elect a board, so that we can proceed to shape the local political landscape in favor of Constitutionally bound, liberty oriented candidates.

Please research it and see if it's something you'd like to participate in. The more members we have, the more our endorsements will matter, and we'll all have a say, in who those people are. The cost is $45 for a single membership, $60 for a couple, and $20 for students. Hopefully we'll have our first meeting, in a couple of weeks, to elect our board, and I'd love to see you all there.

IMPORTANT: Electors (Delegates and Alternates) for the State Assembly must pick up their credentials at the El Paso County GOP Headquarters (205 Sutton Lane, 80907), not later than next Thursday, April 12, 7:00 PM.

The one campaign actvivity that actually excites, rather than bores people, is a good ole fashioned sign waving. Going to your CD and state conventions is just like that, only much bigger and without the risk of getting hit by a car. Don't any of you delegates miss the fun!

CD5 convention is at the Colorado Convention Center on Friday at 2:00pm. The state convention is at Magness Arena, Ritchie Center at the University of Denver at 9pm on Saturday. PLEASE, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT THAT EVERY DELEGATE AND ALTERNATE SHOWS!

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Ron Paulers, representing themselves at the Colorado state convention in 2008.

If you're a county delegate or alternate, I'm asking everyone to please make every effort to show up at Liberty HS tomorrow (Saturday). You may not be able to move on to congressional or state, if you don't get credentialed in on time. Please show up by 7:15 if you're in house district 18, 19, 20, or 21, and by 8:40 for everyone else. Even if you don't expect to move on, consider this the most important opportunity you have to RESPECTFULLY explain to people why we are in this, what we have on the line, and why we need them to join us in supporting the only electable candidate in GOP field. Thank you!

Ron Paul was on fire tonight! He makes me feel like I'm never fighting a losing fight.

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Ok, so if you're having trouble getting through to the "report your results" hotline, I've added addition fields to the corehook website so that you can also report if you were elected a precinct leader and the straw poll results. Kevin Brett has access to what you enter here. You'll see these questions when you register, or if you already have, then click on "My Account" in the upper right hand corner, and then "Edit" in the middle of the page. Scroll down and you'll see the questions.

I would encourage you to use you real name when you register so that Kevin knows you you are. No one can publically see the member list, and I'm not going to e-mail blast you, it's just a temporary site for the remainder of the campaign. Thanks. I hope everyone had a great night!

Although there has been some debate over this, we have now clarified that yes, you must run as a county delegate or alternate on Tuesday, if you also want to run for a state delegate position. They are usually begging for people for be county alternates, so this should be trivial. Please run for both county AND state! Thanks.

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So I wrote up a quick primer and checklist for what you need to know for tomorrow night. Don't worry, it's real simple. Let's get as many delegates elected Tuesday as possible! Good luck everyone and go Ron Paul!

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We should have a full video up tomorrow. Here are a few pics of Ron Paul's visit to the Springs today.
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