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Feature Request for Google Voice, and if possible Hangouts so I could trim down my extensions to just one.
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Lack of Google Voice boggles my mind. It's definitely a must-have! That, Contacts, and even just a link to Analytics would make my life complete!
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Jorden “McHearty” Gabrys

Collecting feedback/ideas  - 
Will we see support for icon packs and themes in the future?
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I understand that, which is why I said something about what was going isn't the norm. Not sure of the cause, but it sounds like a bug.
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When will we get support for dvorak layouts?
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When are we going to see custom dictionary inputs?
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+Aeryn Swanson Oh nice, I wasn't aware that you could go up twice, I was doing it once and getting frustrated with having to do it over and over
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im def tryin this tomorrow
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Lol. You should just drink bacon drips mix with some cool hwhip and hwhip cream on top.
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I would love to see a fork of this for the Evo 4G
Android may be secure enough for the average consumer, but it is hardly air tight. The National Security Agency (NSA) released the first version of their custom build of Google’s popular OS, called Security Enhanced Android. The system is designed to minimize the impact of security holes on Android. The SE Android project is enabling the use of SELinux in Android in order to limit the damage that can be done by flawed or malicious apps. Specifica...
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Transferred my save over to the beta, dungeons seem cool, but there is no damage progression currently, and the dungeon window is tiny!
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thats so annoying .... i will play in the 1.036 until i have the amount of chips that i have the smae amount in the new version xD
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I just got this on the one I made
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Wow, just wow
Brian Harrod originally shared:
Entertainment in the cesspool called the United States.

'Fear' Contestants Drink Donkey Sperm

Contestants on Monday's episode of the NBC reality series Fear Factor will be challenged to drink glasses of donkey semen and urine, a stunt the network is debating whether to air. Spoiler alert: Several contestants drink up. When asked a few weeks ago to name the season's grossest challenge, host Joe Rogan told EW, "The one I want to give you, I can't. They're not even sure if they're going to air it. It's so over the top and ridiculous."

Corporate media capitalists will do anything for TV profits

Who do y'all think watch shows like that more; liberals or righties? I say righties, I can honestly say I never watch any of those idiotic reality TV shows except for the Republican endless debate show. I think you'd find a high percentage of Obamahaters watching those other reality programs.

I'd only watch if I knew one of the contestants were going to throw his cup o' semen on the shows hosts.
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i fuckin hope i get a free fight. thanks for the update broski!
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Fast pick-ups and friendly staff
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Food court has gone down over the years, combined with car related crimes make this a pop-in-pop-out location for me
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Parking on weekends is suboptimal through construction, but store is well kept regardless
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Fast service, and short lines, only pitfall is that in the busier orders have tended to be delivered incorrect
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Helpful staff, and cards of every sort.
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Small branch, but full of great finds
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