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Awesome #superfood  ideas from +EcoWatch!

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Look for these 10 spring superfoods at your local farmer's market because not only are these vegetables delicious, but they are also packed with nutrients
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Dear Bill Gates: 'Will you lead the fight against climate change?'

"The Gates Foundation is already helping to tackle polio, HIV, malaria, sanitation, and much more... which is why we are asking you in this video to divest from fossil fuels."

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Should science museums be backed by Big Oil and climate change deniers?  Speak out if you don't think this is appropriate!  

#sciencenews   #climatechange   #bigoil  
Tell the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History: Kick Koch off the board!
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10 of the World's Most Remarkable Trees  Check out these #trees!  There is a short history or description for each of these amazing, living perennial plants.
From oldest to tallest to most sacred and more, in celebration of Arbor Day we present a brief who's-who of arboreal heros.
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Disposable tampons aren't sustainable, but do women want to talk about it?

"Many critics say that this cultural taboo has, at least in part, helped the disposable feminine hygiene industry thrive. Single use tampons and pads became available in much of the developed world in the first half of the 20th century. Today tampons are used by over 100 million women worldwide, while pads, which are much more widespread on a global scale due to a cultural aversion to tampons in many regions, comprise a multi-billion dollar industry."

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#environmentalnews #landfills #femininehygieneproducts #environment
Messaging and lack of disclosure of information from major feminine hygiene product brands might be holding women back from purchasing reusable options
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The article brings up some good points.  This is the most interesting thing that we learned -- the FDA categorizes feminine hygiene products as medical devices.  Therefore companies selling and manufacturing these products do not have to disclose ingredients like bleach, pesticides, etc.  So not only do people not have the right to know what is in their food, but women do not know what they are putting into their bodies!  We could all put pressure on companies that sell these disposable products!
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MANUFACTURED QUAKES  Earthquakes caused by fracking are being called "manufactured quakes," which seems appropriate.  We hear about these earthquakes in Oklahoma all of the time from residents.  At least in California it is a natural occurrence!

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Recycled water from fracking is being used to water crops in California now.  I don't know if this is good or bad.
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
$8bn habitat conservation plan scrapped as California prioritises agribusiness

"For the past eight years, California politicians, utility companies, farmers and environmentalists have been arguing over the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP). Environmental groups are now speaking out after recent announcements that the conservation part of the plan has been shelved."

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#environmentalnews #habitatconservation #agribusiness #California
Decision to scrap habitat conservation plans met with angry response as California regulators and water contractors push forward with multi-billion dollar engineering project
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Argan oil: the cost of the beauty industry's latest wonder ingredient

"Argan oil has gone from a natural, tribal ingredient to one of the most prized oils in the world as cosmetics companies have woken up to its anti-ageing properties. The plant oil is produced from the kernels found inside the argan nut, which is found inside the fruit of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco."

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#environmentalnews #arganoil #sustainability #environment
Supplies of the Berbers’ anti-ageing oil, discovered by big brands from L’Oreal to Lush, could be threatened by overuse, deforestation … and even goats
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Did you know that Arbor Day was officially celebrated on Friday in most of the U.S.?  It's not too late to celebrate by planting a tree (in a good spot)!  Trees add beauty, shade and oxygen to the air!  What else are trees "good" for?

#arborday   #trees  
In celebration of Arbor Day, it’s common to plant a tree.
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Go Neil!  Rock on...Supporting food labeling.  Have you bought Roundup or a Starbucks latte lately?  You might want to think twice...

#monsanto #nongmo #labeling  
Neil Young has a new album coming out, The Monsanto Years. It's about the chemical giant and its development of genetically modified seeds, Roundup
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