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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Canada must deal with tar sands emissions, says Clinton campaign chief

"Canada faces a widening rift with America over climate change unless it deals with “excessive emissions” from the Alberta tar sands, according to a trusted adviser to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton."

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#environmentalnews #tarsandsemissions #Canada #climatechange
Canada needs to do more to deal with ‘excessive emissions’ from tar sands ahead of crunch climate talks in Paris later this year, says John Podesta
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There are never-ending ideas for #recycling  and #upcycling   projects if you have a little creativity!  Check out this video of one woman who gives dolls a makeover.  

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Farmers Market Saturday! Never know what you will find! This is the Motherlode in Northern California. #farmersmarket #organics
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Barack Obama: climate deniers pose serious threat to US security

"American politicians who deny that rising seas, thawing permafrost and longer wildfires are the crippling effects of global warming pose a serious threat to US national security, Barack Obama said on Wednesday."

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#environmentalnews #climatedeniers #BarackObama #climatechange
US president issues forceful call to action to combat climate change, framing global warming as national security priority
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+Per Siden those pitiful groups have murdered many more Americans than 9-11. 
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Global businesses must lead the way on climate action

"Major business leaders will gather in Paris this week for the Business and Climate Summit. It comes six months before the Paris climate conference, COP21, the aim of which is well known: to reach a universal agreement limiting the rise in global average temperature to 2C above pre-industrial levels."

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#environmentalnews #greeninvestments #climatesummit #climatechange
Laurent Fabius and Christiana Figueres: Green investments increasingly offer opportunites for growth and employment and businesses are well-placed to take the lead at this week’s Business and Climate summit in Paris
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Check out the results of the Saving Endangered Species Day Youth Art Contest.  Some great work here!  (Endangered Species Day was May 15.)  We love all of our animal species!  Please do what you can to protect them!

#endangeredspeciesday   #endangeredspecies  
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Ecuador's president urges Brad Pitt to scrap Amazon oil spill movie

"The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, has asked Brad Pitt to abandon plans for a new film chronicling US oil giants’ victory in the face of a multibillion-dollar lawsuit for polluting the Amazon."

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#environmentalnews #amazonoilspill #BradPitt #Ecuador
Socialist leader Rafael Correa concerned film will be based on a book he alleges covered up actions of oil giant Chevron
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Shell Would Let the World Burn to Drill in the Arctic  This is a great (and short) video done by +Greenpeace International.  Check it out--and please share!  

#oilandgas   #environment   #drilling  
Incredibly proud to be able to make a difference by working with Greenpeace on their #StopShell #SaveTheArctic campaign which went live this morning.

Their video below, which I would urge you to look at, can and will make a difference.  Their last campaign did (it successful ended Lego’s partnership with Shell and had 7 million views).

Please please take literally 1 minute 40 seconds out of your day and watch and share this video. 

I know I often ask for shares and likes, but this isn’t for me.  It’s for you, your siblings, your children and their children. We really can make a difference and stop Shell from mining for oil in the Arctic.  It is one of the most stunning places on earth and has an amazing ecosystem which is fundamental to controlling climate warming.

Thank you.  Together we really can make a difference.  Let’s leverage the power of social media to do good ☺ 
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thanks for sharing :)
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Denton, Texas, banned fracking last year – then the frackers fought back

"The north Texas city of Denton became a beacon for the anti-fracking movement when residents voted to prohibit the practice inside city limits. But victory was fleeting. The oil and gas industry was alarmed by the grassroots insurgency and the state’s Republican politicians struck back with a flurry of measures aimed at asserting the primacy of state control over local regulations."

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#environmentalnews #fracking #oilandgasindustry #texas
State’s Republican politicians counter anti-fracking insurgency by banning the ban, as critics say ‘they’ve just handed the golden ticket to oil and gas’
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Congress manufactures doubt and denial in climate change hearing

"US Congress periodically holds hearings on issues related to climate change. Because the subject has become a partisan one in America, they generally follow a predictable pattern – Democrats invite science and policy expert witnesses who agree with the expert consensus on human-caused global warming and the need to address it, and Republicans invite witnesses who disagree."

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#environmentalnews #climatechangehearing #globalwarming #USCongress
Dana Nuccitelli: Republicans in Congress once again chose denial and theatrics over problem solving
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Thanks for keeping it civil, guys.  : )
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Stop Congress from Gutting the Endangered Species Act! Sign here....only takes a second. From CREDO: "Just last week, the U.S. Senate considered eight bills that would modify the Endangered Species Act, most of which aim to saddle resource-strapped federal wildlife agencies with burdensome new hurdles and requirements."
Rand Paul's bill would gut and effectively kill the Endangered Species Act, an immensely successful and popular law that is the cornerstone of American wildlife conservation. Tell Congress to reject this horrible bill.
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Thanks so much for reshares.  We need to keep this moving!
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