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The biggest story in the world: episode 5 – economics

"Larry Elliot, the Guardian's economics editor, is commissioned by Alan Rusbridger to do report on whether the idea of endless economic growth can ever be compatible with keeping global warming within safe limits."

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#environmentalnews #climatechange #economics #globalwarming
Larry Elliot, the Guardian's economics editor, is commissioned by Alan Rusbridger to do report on whether the idea of endless economic growth can ever be compatible with keeping global warming within safe limits
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Government tips for greening your business--just in time for Earth Day!

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What is it going to take for people to save water?  California and many other parts of the country are in a drought.  In our area, we are only allowed to water outside 2 x per day outside the hours of 9am-6pm. 

We still see people with their sprinklers on during the day.  Why risk having to pay a fine?  Many are installing drought tolerant gardens, and artificial lawns.  Half of the plants in our front yard are victims of the drought.  How are things in your area?

#drought #waterconservation  
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+Environmental Issues / Impact We need to regain our morals, we need a great revival to heal the land. It's very good that you are Christian. God bless. I try my best to make others aware of what we should do to keep our planet healthy. God bless. 
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We need the ocean and marine life to survive.  The waters help regulate our climate and give us oxygen to breathe, and is a great food supply.

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We all depend on the health of our ocean...

Protect the ocean and you’ll not only protect the wonderful life beneath the waves, but you will also help communities thrive. Visit our marine stories series → and spread the word to help us raise awareness.
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No nuclear ANYTHING! 
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Did you know?  Lowes home supply stores sell plants that have been sprayed with bee-killing pesticides.  Sign the petition!

"Global bee populations are declining at an alarming rate and putting our food supply at risk – and a growing body of scientific evidence places the blame squarely on neonicotinoid pesticides."
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Environmental Issues & Impact News!
Corporate America's position on the EPA's clean power act

"The Guardian asked corporate partners of three big environmental NGOs – Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund US – for their position on EPA’s Clean Power Plan, a cornerstone of the Obama administration’s climate policy."

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#environmentalnews #cleanpoweract #corporateamerica #climatechange
The Guardian asked 50 companies for their position on the EPA’s clean power act. Here’s how they responded
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Why Kids Need Nature  In case you have to ask ; )

#nature #kidsactivities #outdoors
Experience and explore the great outdoors with your child — it's good for her!
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What do you think about this?  Man Gets Prison Sentence for Collecting Rainwater on his own Property  We've read other cases about this, but this isn't a typical homeowner. 

#waterconservation #rainwater
Collecting rainwater on your own property can now lead to jail time, as proven by a man from Oregon who was just sentenced to prison for doing just that. Who owns the
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Unbelievably greedy. That's a shame, he was doing a great thing. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!
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Insane News  A zoo in Argentina allows (and apparently promotes) visitors to feed and pet large dangerous mammals such as tigers, lions and bears.  What do you think about this? 

#wildcats #zoos  
Experts say that a zoo near Buenos Aires which allows visitors to pet and feed lions, tigers and bears that they claim to have domesticated, is posing a serious risk to both animals and humans.
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No doubt, +Gabriela J Tejada.  They must have great liability insurance?
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Success with the Lowe's petition to Protect our Pollinators!

Thanks to thousands of people who told Lowe’s to stop selling plants with pesticides!  According to +Center For Food Safety they are taking action to phase out neonicotinoid pesticides, and this is "the most significant public commitment so far for a retailer of its size."  Yay!  Nice job activists!

(Lowe’s Home Improvement, 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility report, page 27)
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Here's to hoping "suitable" alternatives become available (of course they have to be suitable to Lowe's corporate management)!
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Check out this New Environmental Activist Site by +Sierra Club! Drilling, Monarchs,  sign petitions, & more!  

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Join campaigns to protect the environment.
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+Environmental Issues / Impact is taking a break from posting daily environmental news this week.  To get the news in your email inbox, subscribe to Environmental Issues & Impact News below!  Stay green!

The week in wildlife – in pictures
Science, Environment & Business articles

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