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I accidentally broke a rule of 'never read commentary about artwork' today and was reminded why I made the rule in the first place.

I think obsessing over imperfections strikes most everyone in some degree.  Where one small thing will be focused on and scoured raw while the greater whole is otherwise ignored.  I've done it myself in my own artwork.  Stopping work and filing entire images in the 'not publish' bin because of one or two tiny flaws. 

Perfection is an undeniable impossibility in all art.  There has never been, nor will there (likely) ever be an artist who can render everything with precise perfection.  The closest you will find to that is photography, but good photographers, like any artist, puts a little bit of their own spirit into the subjects they are capturing.

So I'll try to continue to quietly praise the good that I see in other people's creations, and hopefully with a little bit of luck I'll do the same for my own work.

And I'll try to stick to my rule about reading general commentary about creative works.

I hadn't realized that G+ had arbitrarily removed some folks that I was watching in the first place.  So I apologize for any sudden watch-spam from me.  I'm not sure what exactly is going on there.

It did give me a chance to cull some, though, which was needed.  Some people haven't been around in years, yet I was still watching them, and others.. well, let's just say I don't need other people's fights and dirty laundry in my life anymore.  I'm here to keep up with gaming and alternative energy, period.

If the weather can stop trying to burn me alive, I might try and post a few more bits here.   Art and maps and other nonsense.


For some reason the Pre-order for the upcoming D&D books is actually cheaper than those in the US.  I'm not complaining, but I'm used to the CND listing to be a few bucks more at least.

Just a heads up for all those Canucks out there I guess.

Anyone know if there actually is a drop in the Canadian price for the upcoming D&D releases?  I can find the UK and US listings on Amazon for pre-order, but as usual is complete garbage when it comes to finding anything.

If there indeed will be a price drop for the books on the order of $20, they might have my sale.  If the CND price is still the absurd $60 I'll pass until I can find some used copies.

edit never mind.  My search-fu finally stopped being weak.  Looks like the price is well within my price range for game books.  Woot.

Today is an Opeth day.  Ghosts of Perdition to be more exact.  Oddly thinking of a character from the story world sanctum while listening to this full blast.

Some days, you just need visceral.

I was just reminded as to why I really loathe using 'online cloud' services for things like gaming (or literally everything else).  You are at the whim of the incompetence level of whatever 'service' you try to play a legally purchased game through.  In this case, Steam, a 'service' which I have had numerous problems with before when trying to play legally purchased software.

But at least people who pirated the software are able to use it uninterrupted.  At least it's only the filthy customers who dared actually spend money on a product that have to jump through hoops and hilarity to even see the product they shoved money into.

..Oh.. wait.  I just made a case for piracy.

My bad, I guess.

I'm starting to think of giving GURPS a look lately. 

A friend of mine had been playing it off and on for years now, and a conversation with him today about his games (I don't really play anymore, but love reading the books) made me really start to like what I had heard.

It's not that I dislike Pathfinder or Savage Worlds.  I still think they're incredibly solid systems, but I've been leaning towards 'classless' systems because the way I write characters usually means I have to shoehorn a class onto them, instead of just letting them be who they are.

But the funny thing is that he only had to say one thing to make me seriously consider picking up the GURPS books one day when funds allow:  "Actually, in this system you probably REALLY want to talk to the dragon instead.  The deadliness fighting alone makes you think of ways not to get into heaps of combat with big scary monsters unless absolutely necessary."

I'll have to see.

Well, I'll be crossing TES:O off of my list of possible MMO's.  I love the Skyrim game.  I loved the sense that you'd be given a changing world to explore at your own pace, with other people.

I will not support a game that costs a huge amount of money up front, charges you a subscription to play it, and then slaps me in the face with the news that they have zero faith this game will last because they're making one of the bog-standard fucking races an 'unlockable' paywall race.

$20 extra dollars on top of the what.. $250 you are already getting from me for a year for this game?  To play the Imperials?  A race of humans with slightly different graphics that will be fully in the game anyway?  Go fuck yourselves Bethesda.  You really dropped the ball on this one.

The Hell that was 2013 is over. 

I realize it's superstitious to attach attributes to something as nebulous as a span of time marked by category, but I'm sorry.. F**k 2013. 

With the exception of the year my mother passed away, the last year was the absolute worst year I've ever had.  To the point where I literally wanted to hide out and just let the abyssal year pass over with only the fanfare of a cheers of Drambuie given to my father (his year was even worse), and a hope..  A begging plea to the universe for at least a normal 2014.

Happy new years, folks.  Be safe, find love in any way.  Here's hoping it treats everyone gently.

I'm actually curious:  Would FATE work well for fantasy?
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