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#ifihadglass an application which provides the information about night sky as I look up. Information like star position, constellation and other details.

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#ifihadglass   An application  which is mainly oriented with engineers and do it yourself type of work. The first thing is to get the maximum hand stretch of the glass user. If the glass camera has depth sensor, then we can even skip this step. Once that is set, after that any object that he holds at that distance we can use image recognition to find the different metrics of the object by giving length, breadth and height of the object(plank of wood or any hardware). If we can identify the object lets say its a small circuit board or a chip we can give all the pin information of the chip.

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 #ifihadglass I would design traffic assistant while driving. A application which judges the distance and the speed of the car ahead and also give information on the up coming location and  places as we pass by those places.

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