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A Fresh Poison Each Week
that's my plan,” Ben said, standing over the maps in the room
adjacent to the new school room, set in the northeastern barracks.
“Well, my ideas, for the week. All
the residents of voting age were present for the weekly meeting, the
children having lon...

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Over The River And Through The Woods
woke Amanda slowly, bringing her awake with his hands, his mouth,
until she woke fully, gasping his name. Afterwards,
he lay catching his breath, his face buried in her neck, her arms and
legs still twined around him. “Good morning,” she said

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I Can Feel It Coming In The Air Tonight
Bender was in a bad mood until he saw the deer. A group of four
meandered through a snowy yard, nibbling at branches, and he watched
them through the binoculars from the top of the Half Moon Battery,
drooling just a little. He watched them prick up the...

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Some Nights I Stay Up Cashing In My Bad Luck
and Lewis took the snowplow into town to find the pharmacy. “Truck
uses less fuel,” Lewis said, pulling a cigarette out of his chest
pocket. “ Don't
you smoke that in here,” Todd said. “Joy is a lady.” “ Ain't
no lady got two ugly dudes up in her all...

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They Just Seem A Little Weird
took the first step onto the basement floor, Donna right behind him.
Their flashlights flicked on at the same moment. In another
situation, Percy would have recommended continuing carefully in the
dark, but bright lights tended to cause the rotters ...

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Right Here Waiting
in the building with us,” Rebecca said in a whisper. She fiddled
with the arm of her glasses, the right lens cracked along the top.
Her warm sweater hung on her, she'd lost so much weight over the last
month. Donna was worried about her; there was...

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Grant Park New Eden
This is a 1916 Aladdin plan that looks much smaller in their picture than it ended up being measured out.  All CC is from B5Studio , again, since I'm still riffing off the Grant Park stuff.  FOREVER. Pics ahead: The front.  Car is included, and bikes. Upsta...

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Grant Park 3-in-1
This is based on a set of plans that starts a small house but is expandable to a much larger house.  It starts as The Manse , becomes the Mansion, then the Monseigneur.  All from Sterling in 1916. The only CC is from B5Studio , of course, as this series has...

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Grant Park Sears Greenview
Today I have a 1923 Sears farmhouse style home done up with Grant Park bits and bobs from B5Studios.  I see little houses that look very similar to this all over here in Saint Paul, and saw many when I lived in Duluth, too.  Clearly a very common sort of ea...

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Grant Park Gordon Van Tine 588
This one is a plan from 1918.  On the main floor there are two bedrooms and one bath; in the basement there are two more 3/4 baths and a maid's room. All CC is from B5Studio or Land of Woe (the Grant Park siding set) . This is the color scheme set. The fron...
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