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Added photos to Data Sensing Lab at Strata New York.

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People of Ralgeigh, pre-register for Google Fiber! If enough people in this area register for it, it looks like Google will bring it here.

Bought some Larry's Beans last time I was at Whole Foods. Larry's Beans is a local roaster here in Raleigh. It was about twice as expensive as the stuff I usually get from Trader Joe's.

But damn this is good coffee.

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North Carolina ppls,

Tomorrow is the last day for early voting, just a reminder.

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Dear Spotify,

Why release "beta" software (i.e., Linux desktop client) to your premium subscribers only? I'd think it would be better to use the huddled masses as guinea pigs, not your paying customers.

Oh well, back to Pandora via pianobar
-Linux user

Been programming in Python for years now and I just discovered the "this" module

python -c "import this"

"Explicit is better than implicit." is a personal favorite

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Let argparse sooth your Python CLI-building woes. Only for you cool kids using 2.7+

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This week I've been gradually setting up my Netbook for some working-from-home goodness. As usual, getting Vim packages installed was being a pain. In the past, my strategy was to rsync my .vimrc and .vim/ files between machines (even though I know this is a bad idea). This time I searched around for a Vim package manager to help with the process - surely I'm not the only one with this issue.

Turns out, there are a few out there: Vundle, Pathogen, vim-addon-manager. However, it doesn't seem like any one is a clear favorite of the community. I ended up using Vundle: Took about 5 mins to get setup and worked like a charm.

Here's a snippet from my .vimrc indicating what bundles to install:

Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdtree'
Bundle 'fholgado/minibufexpl.vim'
Bundle 'kevinw/pyflakes-vim'
Bundle 'python.vim--Vasiliev'

The format for bundles can be one of three things: "user/repo" looks for a repo with that name on GitHub, "repo" looks under the vim-scripts user on GitHub (the git mirror of, and it also accepts a full git url (git://
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