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Internet 2.0 is an Open Source project, built on the RUST programming language and provides Privacy Security and Freedom for everyone. The new network is called 'The SAFE Network' and can be checked out at:
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Background tracking. Lighting... The technology isn't there to do this outside without off board tracking equipment. 
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Total Recall 2070 playlist (21 episodes)
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There you go and think, you've already seen all things cyberpunk, but one can really be wrong. Thanks very much!
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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This is my fucking favorite video of all time!! A supreme master work without no doubt.
YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs swo…:
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Death at industrial scale!! Past and the future of the European continent... Enjoy the trip. 

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VALIS (Vast And Living Intelligence System) - The Cassandra Complex

In 1980, science fiction author Phillip K. Dick released the first book in a trilogy that would represent his final work before his death.  That book was VALIS, the story of a man who made a mental connection with a godlike alien intelligence in the form of a hidden sattelite orbiting the earth.   
Years later, band The Cassandra Complex, known for their science fiction themes (even going so far as to name one of their albums Cyberpunk_) would release a track inspired by Dick's works, and would bring the presence of a vast and living intelligence down to the dancefloor with one of their most popular club hits.

The Cassandra Complex - Valis
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No Gods, No Masters!!
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Jo Avalo per la pluralitat democràtica al 25n

Per les properes eleccions catalanes del 25 de novembre, la Junta Electoral Central ha decidit que la democràcia torna a no ser per tothom,

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