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Vaya puta mafia colega! :/
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VALIS (Vast And Living Intelligence System) - The Cassandra Complex

In 1980, science fiction author Phillip K. Dick released the first book in a trilogy that would represent his final work before his death.  That book was VALIS, the story of a man who made a mental connection with a godlike alien intelligence in the form of a hidden sattelite orbiting the earth.   
Years later, band The Cassandra Complex, known for their science fiction themes (even going so far as to name one of their albums Cyberpunk_) would release a track inspired by Dick's works, and would bring the presence of a vast and living intelligence down to the dancefloor with one of their most popular club hits.

The Cassandra Complex - Valis
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Aitor Menta

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Merry Newtonmas everyone!!  :D :D :D
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Epic facepalm U_U
ICANN Hacked including leaking access to the root DNS system (CZDS) and all the users of the system plus passwords, personal information and more.
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The flying defibrillator drone created by Dutch TU Delft student Alec Momont flies at 100kph for a response time of just 1 minute. Theoretically increasing the chance of survival from 8 percent to 80 percent. The drone tracks emergency mobile calls and uses the GPS to navigate. Once at the scene, an operator, like a paramedic, can watch, talk and instruct those helping the victim by using an on-board camera connected to a control room via a livestream webcam

#soon   #exciting   #technology  
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Uninvited Guests.


Cows are typically unintimidated by giant robots...
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Recientemente he adquirido un Synology DS214se y soy nuevo en esta plataforma. He intentado seguir este tutorial para añadir seguridad a mi sistema:
Sin embargo en cuanto he intentado loguearme con el nuevo usuario "administrador" no me carga el escritorio. ¿Alguien sabe si me falta añadir algo a la configuración?
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Conozca más sobre Synology DiskStation con las preguntas frecuentes y el tutorial de DSM. Descargue las últimas actualizaciones de DSM o envíenos un correo. En Synology, proporcionamos el servicio posventa más completo y proporcionamos una experiencia al usuario satisfactoria al 100%.
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Si ya he conseguido entrar mediante Firefox. Es extraño porque con Chrome la cuenta admin por defecto no me ha dado problemas, pero al crear la nueva no me cargaba nada excepto el wallpaper. En todo caso ya está resuelto, misterios de la informática 😃. Un saludo. 
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Aitor Menta

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Aitor Menta

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lol XD
Skinny Puppy @ Best Buy Theatre, 12/2/2014 (more by Greg Cristman) Canadian industrial band Skinny Puppy have invoiced the U.S. government $666,000 in royalties after learning their music was used as a torture device at Guantánamo Bay:Cevin Key, the band's...
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I wonder if I could sue SP for the damage done to my poor unsuspecting mind. <<< Sarcasm
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