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Finding an Edge
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Finding an Edge - Horse Racing - Sports Betting - Betfair Tips


Available worldwide in paperback only.

*** Take your betting to a more sophisticated level ***

A book of substance that contains invaluable information and is more relevant in today's betting world than any other book.

Written by a full time professional that has been a successful backer with the bookmakers for the last two decades and has been just as successful on the betting exchanges since there inception.

If you are unable to identify value you will never win in the long term.  Price is King and this publication shows readers how to identify when value exists in most betting related events.

This book is the real deal and should be taken seriously as it could turn out to be the best wager that you will ever make!

•Convert Win odds into True Win prices.

•Convert Win odds into True Place prices.

•Identify profitable Each Way Bets.

•On-Course Strategies.

•Professional Staking & Betting Bank.

•Beating the Betting Exchange Starting Price.

•Trading, Hedging, Backing, Laying etc.

•Plus Lots More


7 Foreword

9 Introduction

11 The Beginning

19 It’s a Complicated Business

25 Beating the Starting Price

29 Using Timeframes to Identify Value

33 Identify Lay Prices Using Timeframes

34 Calculating Win Market Maximum Lay Prices

38 Calculating Place Market Maximum Lay Prices

41 Identify Back Prices using Timeframes

42 Calculating Win Market Minimum Back Prices

45 Calculating Place Market Minimum Back Prices

47 Summary of Timeframes

51 Staking & Betting Bank

54 Working out a Book

57 Converting Bookmaker Win Prices into approximate True Win Prices

63 Converting Bookmaker Win Prices into approximate True Place Prices (3 Places)

71 Converting Betting Exchange Win Prices into Approximate True Place Prices (2 Places)

75 Calculating Each Way Value

92 Hedging Each Way Bets in Place Market

95 On-Course Strategies

109 Bookmakers or Betting Exchanges

113 Backers Book

119 Greening Up

121 Skimming

125 Synopsis

“A fascinating insight into the mind and methods of a genuine professional gambler”

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