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Jolita Mo

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last night i had the strangest dream.
i was on a boat in the middle of this river. on my right was paris and on my left was london. there was this event, something like a fashion show, going on. suddenly, i was sitting in front of a table, being randomly sad about the fact that i would never be...

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bookish perfection.
'i have this strange feeling that im not myself anymore. its hard to
put into words, but i guess its like i was fast asleep, and someone
came, disassembled me, and hurriedly put me back together again. that
sort of feeling. ' - hakuri murakami, sputnik ...

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10 most awkward moments in life ever.
1. waving back at someone who wasnt actually saying hi to you in the first place. 2. falling up the stairs. (no seriously, that actually happened.) 3. walking into a glass door. and then trying to pretend nothing happened while people behind you laugh, out ...

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today. i dont even know how to begin describing my day. started the day by being in denial of reality as usual. then everything was just kind of a blur. felt like i did a lot today. nothing meaningful though. felt lots of different emotions today. but no me...
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