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Matt Sergej Rinc
Freelancer, instructional designer and multimedia developer
Freelancer, instructional designer and multimedia developer

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I don't know if today is the end of 30-day trial promotion for only for me (smart segmented marketing!) but you might check it. I've created several playlists and intend to watch some courses at least in the trial period to get (not copy!) ideas for next courses. If you're not interested then at least the advice on the slide below is useful! :-)

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(NOTE: original post was removed when I tried to update it, so here it is again - do you have any similar chart to produce, I might create one for free to include it in a portfolio, thanks)

In my career quest to better present information (with presentations) upgrading my skills with data science feels natural. So instead of a correct but less useful table comparison I like visual charts. NBA doesn't wish to display it on their web page so here it is (sharing here just a resizable chart, not my native language blog post - link to a table is IN the chart):


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PRACTICAL Public Speaking Tips course for only $9 with tips I would need 21 years ago - but learned them later and now give them to the world. Less than Udemy Black Friday promotion, offered for your investment during the introduction&completion phase. If you don't want to support me in current bad living situation, click the second (non-affiliated) link. If you click the first link, I'll be very grateful to offer you my online support for your public speaking.

Time to introduce me one day so - a big Hello to all instructors world-wide!

I'm a normal human being over 40, married, with two teenagers (have them, not married with them :-) ) from Slovenia, a nice part of Europe. Mostly interested in solving problems of other people with computer - when I see a spark in their eyes after I implement a faster/better/smarter way of one task still drives me from my primary school (really, have a degree in IT yet generally I hate hardware per se).

Currently I have two courses on Udemy. The first is about freelancing over since I haven't found usable advice about it anywhere else - and I still offer services over it. And the second is just released, with my public speaking tips from 21 years of experience, from first "show your product in non-selling way" presentation at the conference over getting a Best Innovative Bussines Plan award to personal consultations for entrepreneurs.

You have probably read my comments in Facebook Udemy Studio group and hope at least one has helped you too. I hope going to full Udemy courses lifestyle soon will help get my financial situation back to previous. Imagine a government dropping scholarships for doctoral students (yes, long-time wish, PhD is just a matter of time in my mindset) after 7 years - so I have to return nearly one year of a typical salary for my 2 years of studies now -, catastrophic conditions for freelancers, young scientists and generally in Slovenia (20,000 going yearly to work abroad) plus useless negotiations to get any work here ... and you get the idea.

Wishing all well and success with their courses!

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Happy to put 21 years of using public speaking tips into Udemy course! It has several tips that other Udemy courses don't have (at least 30 I've checked) and it will grow to satisfy the needs of every busy business person who just needs some practical advice to master his presentation.

Here's a long-running discount coupon:

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Matt Sergej Rinc commented on a post on Blogger.
Nice article - I've switched to Mac in September 2010. But not to Air - it's for people consuming the content, not producing it (mainly). I still use MacBook Pro (Mid-2010 model, 13,3 inches) 95% of my time while I use Asus F7Se from 2008 about 5% of time - when I need to work with Windows software or screencast Windows software in videos (for sale).

So you just got the wrong model as a multimedia producer you are (congratulations for all your books) while your wife should be happy with Apple MacBook Air. Note I'm not hard Apple fan and don't have iPhone, iPad etc (and don't even consider to have iWatch :-) ) yet I can start working on MacBook Pro in 15 s after booting up (with SSD drive - that Asus notebook? Around 2 minutes). And small things make me a more satisfied user - was system engineer for 14 years and once calculated I've spent 18 months of my career just fixing/overriding Microsoft bugs/lacks in various software they created.

Just an example for the typical home usage - I've got a remote device from ATI that can control multimedia software (say video player). On Windows I've spent nearly 7 hours to install it with proper software (4 parts!) that had to be installed in the proper order (or it didn't work!). Apple? Found a driver on vendor's website, downloaded, installed and the remote started working immediately. Really 5 minutes where my coffee was still hot compared to 7 hours ... and that was with 7 years old device and 5 years old software driver!

That's the difference between Apple and Microsoft world (or ecosystem if you like). Yes, software/hardware is more expensive but I don't have to be a computer expert to make it work - and enjoy it too. So many other friends that now use Apple laptops (note: MacBook Pro for serious work) have confirmed me that.

I guess your article is little old now too. ScreenFlow is now way better than Camtasia on Mac and as I've written above can be used for all your videos. So I still use Camtasia Studio on Windows but only when I really have to.

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Nobody yet shared Android Developers community page (which is of course, on Google+). So here it is:
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