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87% of Google+ users are male. What kind of community does that create? Will it shift back to close to 50/50?
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Wait - we have a pretty impressive list of the Women rockin' Google+ going. I'll send to you once it's finished :)
When regular people get on here, it should!
Other is people who didn't answer male or female when asked their gender.
Same here : Male, Female, Gay, Les and other :D
The tech industry tends to be tilted pretty heavily towards male so it is not surprising that the shiny new private plaything is as well. I expect it to start evening out as it becomes more mainstream.
so that stat is based on google+ users who choose to follow their stats... is this correct?
Google+statistics is opt in.
it says "Google+ Statistics tracks the top 100 users on Google+" in one place, and "Now tracking 14,198 Google+ profiles" in another.
Those stats are skewed. My surname based research of random profiles showed 23% female on 7/4. I'll update it this weekend since G+ userbase has grown by 50% since then.
hehe.. i am going to invite hundreds if not thousands of models... :-D
I may not be the only model in here. :P But maybe the only geek one.
it means more men are reading tech news and easily adapts, just my opinion. but im a woman,lol. Wait for girls to rule G+!
Now that invites have opened back up, I'd like to see the numbers a week from now. For every guy you send an invite, send two to women.
I suspect CS degree holders have a similar share :-)
+Paul Adams, these stats aren't reflective. More people have +Mark Zuckerberg in circles than are in their stats, so it's clearly not seeing the whole field trial picture. Let's dispense with this myth that it's a sausage fest.
I don't believe this data is representative. It may not reach 50/50, but it's much better than reported.
Well, let's also remember that testosterone is running deep on G+ - there's a "who's is bigger" aspect to follow lists, etc. that is part of it. I think that if Public posts could be filtered out of Circles-specific views then people who were looking for more personal communications may enjoy G+ a bit more - and that this may encourage a better gender balance.
Good Comments,the ratio "other" is interesting. gets their data from users who enters their profile ID, or sign in with Google ID in that site, the sites also says Now tracking 14,300 Google+ profiles that is a sample data, and may not represent all of the users.
Just for the record, I wasn't writing a negative post as some suggested, just thought the stat was fascinating (assuming it's accurate).

Every online network/community will develop it's own social norms. It's a fascinating process to observe and demographics/psychographics can play a big role. 
What does other mean? I feel funny at first sight 
It means either those sick in the head people not knowing yet or they simply clicked join without filling out any details (dead profiles?). As of now it is clearly a sausage-fest, but I think it will recover to some extend - if not even some on this very weekend since the real invitation system has been unleashed.
It may also be a factor of how we share - I got my invitation from my supervisor (a female), then shared it with friends - one male, the others all female - because they were the ones who asked.

My colleagues are showing up first, then friends, and I wouldn't be surprised to have more CS fields leading the way that are already male dominated. I work in libraries, not so much the case there. :)
I seem to recall that other online social networks started out this way, too and then switched to a majority female population. Given the limited invites that are circulating the G+ population won't be representative yet.
I love it when people with ulterior motives notice things.
it was meant as a joke :) to keep the ratio in balance :P hehe
men are more interested in ''technology'' than women =/
my guess is that it will shift back. even though the instructions are clear, Google+ is a little geeky
that might be off-putting til it gains tractions beyond early adopters. but Twitter was the same at the start
in tech world, the male is always the majority, so even in the optimistic scenario, the ratio will still be like 60/40
Google has 24,400 employees. If all of them are on Google+ already, that is about 1% of the total users so far, based on my estimates.
its the stats of
so everyone had to add themselves to the list to find out their place in the hierachy and compare numbers with each other.
what do you think, is that a particular female thing to do?
True, plus joining gives access them some pretty in-depth access to your stuff on google+ - I for one looked at and decided it really wasn't worth the privacy invasion.
From all the hangouts I have created and joined, there were no perverts, no issues having 1 female in the room. It is really civil and fun! And as Molly stated, these are only tracking 15K users. There are over 1 million users on Google+ at least.
I thought too as Molly did that the stats are flawed. I would believe that women are blocking stats tracking.
So, is there any chance that google will actually share the real numbers (in aggregate, of course) about the users on google+ without having to depend on an outside opt-in plugin?
Sure it will change in time. BTW loved your slides a while back on why Facebook needed to be more like real life... seeing it come to life a bit with Google+.
It's a massive sausage fest. yuck! (lol)
Source would be good. How many people are actually using the service at the moment would be an interesting starting point? Is that figure known outside Google yet?
+Truong Phan you forget that this time Google+ is here to share like we do in real life, so with real life ratios!
Yes, even it is the Google's intention, but the fact is that the majority here is almost web geeks or tech savvy, not ordinary people. For example, in Twitter/FaceBook, the popular guys are almost celebs like Aston, Obama, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber ... but here +Larry Page +Mark Zuckerberg +Sergey Brin +Evan Williams .... are the famous ones, and the shared content are almost about tech/web or relevant topics. Even this is just my assumption, but many people will have the same thought
+Truong Phan yes you are right, but I assume that it's only applicable for the beta-testing people.
I'd say +Felicia Day counts as a tech person, actually, considering her fame is primarily for writing and producing her own web content and she talks a lot about video games (obviously), working with fans, niche audiences, anonymity, etc. in her public appearances - which aren't strictly techie topics, but are usually internet or technology related.
+Philip Man +Emily Barney the key is when a community starts with a group of tech savvy like this, it will be difficult for the ordinary guys to join. +Felicia Day is a kind of exception or rare case. In your stream, just count how much tech/web content contribute? Google+ must find a way to attract the rest of the world. However, honestly, I found that Google+ gives me more engagement and interaction than Twitter or Facebook ever did
I don't know that there's any inherent difficulty to attracting an "ordinary audience" to this sort of service beyond interest.My contacts that have appeared here more social networking curious/ savvy than necessarily techie, though of course there's often an overlap. I've given my invites out to acquaintances and family as asked and wouldn't say there's been any specific pattern to who asks.
What was Facebook's gender stats pre-launch at Harvard?
Interesting, I'd like to know too, anyone?
I'm not sure it's a terribly helpful analogy. Wasn't Facebook, in 2003-2005 more akin to an online yearbook than anything terribly techie?

I mean, my school had a local forum website for discussion and the default "stalker" pages of ID photos on the intranet. People who set up the forum were techie, but the users weren't dramatically skewed towards one gender.
I was wondering what the guy to girl ratio was on Google+. Thanks for getting this!
its like ladies night in a bar, just full of guys.
'other' is probably institutions, brands, etc.