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The future of advertising: Many, lightweight interactions over time.

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In my fMC talk this week I described how marketers need to think about Facebook + content to be successful. Check out the video:

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Quick reminder if you're in San Francisco tomorrow I'll be giving a Social Media Week Keynote here at 9am

If you're not in San Francisco you can still watch my Social Media Week Keynote on Livestream here!


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Read Chapter 2 of Grouped here for free! Ch. 2 explains why and what people share.

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A book is never done

Writing a book about social interaction is a strange experience because the minute the book hits the printing press, you start to uncover more and more new material that could have been included and you start to think about new things...

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First post (linked below) in a series describing five huge shifts that all marketers and designers will need to understand.

The five shifts:
1. The amount of information we can access is increasing exponentially.
2. The web is being rebuilt around people, rather than being built around content.
3. For the first time in humanity, social interaction, and influence, are measurable.
4. Technology is driving a large increase in understanding how we make decisions, and it’s not how we assumed.
5. Mobile technologies (phones, tablets, etc.) will change society in ways we can’t yet predict.

Free next Tue 17th? In San Francisco? Come see my talk at Salesforce. It's free!

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