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I have finally recorded a vocal+guitar cover! (I suck at mastering though)

Let's try here. I'm considering an online #PinkFloyd  covers collab experiment. Would anyone be interested? Vocals, Bass, Drums, Mastering and Keyboards are all needed.

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Very nice photo indeed.
Autumnal Sunset

Clouds whisper as they drift across the sky
Amber light reflects across the land
I watch you fall slowly to the ground
Autumnal sunset there is but you and I 
Keep me warm as the air cools the night
For as long as you can before you are gone
And I shall watch to say goodnight
To miss you again and your ever light.

My wife sat watching the sunset last year, such a simple pleasure that surpasses  any art we can show, go watch the sun set or rise and see what nature has to offer.

Good morning G+ :)

I think I should start trying G+.
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