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David Lewis Johnson
Music playing pencil slinger with an affinity for nature, gaming, black metal, and mastiffs.
Music playing pencil slinger with an affinity for nature, gaming, black metal, and mastiffs.

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My main rig is using Manjaro BSPWM right now, but I was just given an old-ass laptop that was going into the garbage pile from my partner's parents. Lucky me! I purged the bloated windows slug and replaced with i3-gaps plus yabar and a trip to Behold the power of a Duo Core at 1.66ghz and 2MB ram (circa 2007ish):
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A couple things - pacman seems to be waaaay faster than using slapt. Also, bspwm is fancy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~! Forgive me, I am using Manjaro - I'm taking baby steps toward Arch. Any hints on using stow to deploy fsociety's synthwave rice? I just really wanna do it. All help is appreciated. Thanks!

I use a TWM, but not in the distro most folks might think. Tangentially, what's the best Linux package manager and why?

Does anyone know a nice CLI audio visualizer that handles alsa by default?

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Just having fun - apologies to anyone from the Tiling Window Managers community for the double-post.
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Tee hee hee!

How many pmrp listeners here? I'm using that in i3 to keep my ears busy while I work. Has anyone made pmrp look prettier? Maybe even in accordance with i3?

looking for i3 config advice:
I just upgraded my installation of the drawing program Krita to version 3.0 (by uninstalling 2.9 first). Thing is, this version is only available as an Appimage, which is a run-in-place, self-contained program. I used to hotkey krita with Super+i (as I set in my config file), but how would I set this with an Appimage file? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Some folks might have caught it on the G+ feed, but I wanted to post this here because I'm stoked :) Acrylic on 8x10" canvas board. Thinking about doing a series of these, maybe packaging them together as an art bundle or something.

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Reposting here, as folks here may want some original pieces from the following books. Thank you for your consideration!
I'm selling a number of original physical art pieces created for publishers in our community. You can click on the Google Drive link below to see scans of them all, and I will remove them as they sell. Pieces are from:

+Mike Evans 's Hubris setting for DCC.
+Kevin Crawford 's Sixteen Sorrows supplement for Godbound.
+John Stater 's NOD and Blood and Treasure.
+trey causey 's Land of Azurth.
+Anders Hedenbjörk Lager 's Fiery The Angels Fell, for B&T.
+Forrest Aguirre 's "Beyond the Silver Scream" module for DCC.

Each black and white ink illustration is between 6"x9" and 8"x10," priced at $30. That price INCLUDES shipping via USPS anywhere within the continental US. Shipping beyond the lower 48 will be extra. The one color piece I'm selling is the acrylic and gouache cover to +Mike Evans 's Hubris, for which I'm asking $150. Shipping will depend on your location.

If you'd like a piece of original RPG art by yours truly, either PM me on G+ or email me at : ironimageindustries (AT) gmail (DOT)com. Payment will be via PayPal. Thank you very much, and any signal boost would be greatly appreciated!
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