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Rudolph Maceyko
I'm a father of two, Cub Scouts leader, and I work with computers. I don't do windows (much).
I'm a father of two, Cub Scouts leader, and I work with computers. I don't do windows (much).

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I've read some interesting articles about swear words recently. Let me share....

Do you ever say "shitten?" How about "I had sh*t? Read this one for much more on the topic:

Do McDonald's Minions Happy Meal toys actually swear? Probably not. Sadly, the ones I got for the kids last week don't seem to make any sense at all. Read about it:

The Norman Invasion resulted in (Old) English being relegated to the lowest classes and ultimately melded with (Old) French to become Middle English. But precious English swear words survived this process relatively intact. Read on:

Do you know how hard it is in the 21st century to do an image search for wallpaper that's actually for a wall???

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Check out Colin & Mingo's SoundCloud page.  I've been posting our (old) podcasts there and will fill out our remaining space with interesting stuff when all the podcasts are posted.

Let there be offerings of first fruits, bonfires, feasting, and maybe handfasting, because today it's (astronometrical) Lughnasadh!

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I'm charging my phone for free today with solar energy collected throughout the day. It's a pity I don't really have a place to put the solar panels that can collect sun rays consistently throughout the day. (I got mine with a substantial markdown and bought it with a gift card!)

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"Essential Public Radio" didn't ask for permission to use my photo or notify me. Technically it's OK per the CC BY-NC 2.0 license, so long as it's non-commercial. But I think it might violate flickr's rules. (There's no link back to flickr.)

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I'm sharing this here so it doesn't get lost in my Buzz feed. Pretty interesting that (coincidentally?) Apple predicted today's mobile tech 24 years ago, and got the date right almost to the month.

It's time for the Buzz tab to go away. When I share something on Google Reader it should appear in Google+ as a post in my Stream.

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Walk in the Woods in Highland Park. If you can get here by 6:30pm, come join me!

It's noon and my phone still shows 100% charge. That Never Happens. 
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