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Blair Ginley
Android junkie, father, and plain old tech lover
Android junkie, father, and plain old tech lover

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I won I won! Woot! Thanks +Craig Froehle​ and +AUKEY Official​
2016 Black Friday Gadget Giveaway!
This contest is now closed.

I'm giving away two AUKEY Amp Duo Wall Chargers -- they have a high-powered USB-C charging port as well as a nifty adapter that converts the USB-C port into two USB-A ports (see photos).
USB-C Output: 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 14.5V 2A
USB-A Output (AiPower): 5V 3A Max

RULES: To qualify to win, you must
>> have a US mailing address
>> follow AUKEY on G+ (
>> if selected, provide your email address and US shipping address

TO ENTER: Go to this online form and fill in your information:


More info about the charger:

If you want to reshare this post with others, that will help me secure additional giveaways in the future. Good luck everyone!
The contest will close on Tuesday 11/29/16
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Giving away a Google Pixel Saturday at 11am eastern!!! No other action needed but to be the reshare and comment!

+semeon korsunsky​ you literally started my entire Android modding passion! You walked me thru rooting my G1 and we've been talking since all those years ago. You'll be missed man! Take some great pics for us! RIP

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Anyone with reptile knowledge, what is this? I think it's a lizard because a newt or salamander would need to be at or near water and have webbed toes. I live in Levittown, outside Northeast Philly. No way could a lizard live in this 50 degree weather!
Any help would be appreciated. 

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Well..... Guess this day had to come. I'm nervous, but she's just excited lol

How the hell is there still no Android Nougat factory image for Nexus 6p???

This is so very unlike Google and no one is saying anything...someone has to have some idea as to what's going on...

Hickeys used to be a thing. Then they became "nasty". Now if you're an athlete you pay someone to give you 3 inch diameter hickeys all over you
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