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Android Update: 4.4.3
After nearly everyone upgraded to 4.4.3 my device came up with the icon for upgrading android to its next version: For a complete history of all updates visit this posting .´╗┐

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FritzBox 7270: CLIP stops working after upgrading to FritzOS 6.05 (problem solved)
After upgrading to FritzOS 6.05 ┬áCLIP stopped working with my analog phone. The settings looked quite ok: (Telefonie -> Telefonieger├Ąte -> bearbeiten -> Merkmale des Telefonieger├Ąts) This basic feature was certainly not shipped without testing. So this has ...´╗┐

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Mounting VMWare-Volumes/Disks with Debian
Some time ago a vmware server did not recognize any more a data disk. This disk was formatted with vmfs v3 (enter the vmware server via ssh and type mount..). First thing i did, was creating an image of this disk, to play around without any danger of data l...´╗┐

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Ubuntu upgrade to 12.04: grub timeout does not work anymore
After doing the upgrade and solving some issues with my screen-resolution , another grub problem hit me: The timeout for booting the standard kernel did not work anymore. Inside /etc/default/grub GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 and update-grub, grub worked like ┬áGRUB_TIMEO...´╗┐

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Ubuntu upgrade to 12.04: screen only works with 1024x768
After upgrading a laptop-system to 12.04 (precise pangolin) X only starts with a resolution of 1024x768 and not with 1366x768. I followed many postings and tried many things: add new resolution with xrandr ( here ) create a xorg.conf file ( here ) add new d...´╗┐

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Telegram on two devices...
After trying Whatsapp on 2 devices without success, i tried the same thing with telegram . Telegram says about multiple devices: So let's see... Registering the mobile phone was straight forward: a SMS with a verification code and that's it. Registering was...´╗┐

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Smart Meter@Home: Fritz!Powerline 546E - really smart?
Everyone is talking about Smart Meter - is it possible to get in touch with this topic by buying a Fritz!Powerline 546E? The key points of Smart Meters according to wikipedia are: real-time or near real-time sensors power outage notification power quality m...´╗┐

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Whatsapp on 2 devices: "does not work, tell why!"
After nearly everyone of my friends is using whatsapp , it was overdue to download this app. Why is this app used by everyone? What's cool about this app? You have to do nothing after the download except this sms-verification No account creation No new pass...´╗┐
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