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I can no longer use this account - please join me at

Google won't let me use this (paid-for) account any more. Google have also withdrawn the feature of moving Google+ circles to a new account. So: please follow me at which is where I live on Google+. (I'm clearly a glutton for punishment)

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Oh. Well, it looks like I am going to be forced off Google+ as well, now. Cheers, Google. :(

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I need to switch Google accounts. I think I've a handle on what I need to do: but does anyone have any advice, particularly around switching Google accounts on a Chromebook?

Re-shares would be really, really welcome.

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Transitioning from one Google account to another - what I'm learning...

I'd really, really appreciate any experiences from others. Have you transitioned Google accounts? Can you point at things I've missed? And any re-shares would be really welcome.

Google Calendar...

If I forward mail from [a Google account] to can I accept/decline those calendar events from Gmail?

If I forward mail from [not a Google account] to can I accept/decline those calendar events from Gmail?

[I won't be able to log on using]

I don't quite know the answer; it seems things have changed recently.

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You might remember that I asked whether I should try Spotify or try Google Play Music.

I asked here and on Twitter. Here, there were many more people who were keen on Google Play Music (for relatively obvious reasons). On Twitter it was much more focused towards Spotify: I don't think I got a single recommendation for Google Play Music.

Well, here's where I am so far.

tl;dr: it is currently a draw between the two as far as I can see.

Eurgh, it's really hard to switch Google accounts when you've so much invested in one.

Finding it surprisingly depressing to know that I've got to come off this account before mid February. It's a brand I've spent many years building up: but Google won't let me change it to an Australian account, so I run the risk of account termination due to operating it outside the Google Play TOS as well as it charging me UK VAT on things like Google Drive space.

Can't decide whether to simply use my Gmail account, which has been transferred, or whether I should be using a new Google Apps account under my domain. The former makes sense in many ways, but I'd prefer it if people could still send me calendar requests via email.

How disappointing that I have to fiddle around with this nonsense.

I'm logged in with Google account A. I wish to open my Google Drive for account B.

Is it possible to see account B's Google Drive in the File Manager when logged-in as account A?

(Sharing isn't what I'm looking for here, just to be clear: I actually want to move files from account B to account A.)

ABC iView - does it actually work for anyone?

So I've 30Meg down, and am on Telstra cable. Streaming of YouTube works perfectly on Chromecast. Streaming of any music service works perfectly on Chromecast.

But iView pauses and buffers once every ten seconds or so. It seems almost regular in its pausing/buffering. That leads me to believe that it isn't my connection, but something else going on somewhere.

On my phone or tablet, iView works fine, too. Just not on Chromecast.

My question to this group is... if you're in Australia, does ABC iView work for you on Chromecast? I'd be really grateful for your response.

+ABC Australia​
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